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CMS.FormEngine Namespace
Public classAlternativeFormInfo
AlternativeFormInfo data container class.
Public classAlternativeFormInfoProvider
Class providing AlternativeFormInfo management.
Public classCodeGenerator
Helper for the code generation.
Public classCombineWithFormSettings
Settings for combining form fields
Public classFieldMacroRule
Class represents field validation macro rule.
Public classFormCategoryInfo
Class for storing info about categories.
Public classFormControlImport
Handles special actions during the Form control import process.
Public classFormFieldControlTypeCode
Field control types - string public constants.
Public classFormFieldInfo
Represents form field definition.
Public classFormHelper
Class providing form helper methods.
Public classFormInfo
Ensures management of XML file that represents the form definition.
Public classFormInfoClassGenerator
Class to produce the template output
Public classFormInfoClassGeneratorBase
Base class for this transformation
Public classFormInfoClassGeneratorBaseToStringInstanceHelper
Utility class to produce culture-oriented representation of an object as a string.
Public classFormModule
Represents the Form module.
Public classFormModuleMetadata
Represents the Form module metadata.
Public classFormTaskType
Web farm tasks for form operations
Public classFormUserControlInfo
FormUserControl info data container class.
Public classFormUserControlInfoProvider
Class to provide FormUserControl management.
Public classFormVisibilityInfo
Ensures management of XML file that represents the form visibility definition.
Public classSpecialField
Special field definition.
Public classSpecialFieldMacro
Class for storing values of macro special fields.
Public classSpecialFieldsDefinition
Class for storing special fields.
Public classSpecialFieldValue
Class for storing values of special fields.
Public enumerationFieldEditorControlsEnum
Type of custom controls that can be selected from the control list in FieldEditor.
Public enumerationFieldTypeEnum
Field types enum.
Public enumerationFormAccessEnum
Indicates which group of users can manage form.
Public enumerationFormCategoryPropertyEnum
Form category info property types.
Public enumerationFormFieldControlTypeEnum
Field control types.
Public enumerationFormFieldPropertyEnum
Form field info property types.
Public enumerationFormFieldVisibilityTypeEnum
Field visibility types.
Public enumerationFormLayoutEnum
Form layout enumeration - for default form layout.
Public enumerationFormLayoutTypeEnum
Enum for form layout type.
Public enumerationFormResolveTypeEnum
Field macro resolving control types.
Public enumerationFormUserControlTypeEnum
Controls type enum.