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CMS.EcommerceProvider Namespace
Public classAuthorizeNetParameters
Class providing names of Authorize.NET payment gateway required parameters.
Public classCMSAuthorizeNetProvider
Class providing payment using Authorize.NET payment gateway.
Public classCMSCreditPaymentProvider
Class providing methods and properties for credit payment.
Public classCMSPaymentGatewayForm
Form which is used as a base class for other payment gateways' forms.
Public classCMSPaymentGatewayProvider
Class providing base methods and properties for payment gateway management.
Public classCMSPayPalProvider
Class providing payment using PayPal payment gateway.
Public classCreditPaymentForm
Class describing credit payment form base functionality.
Public classCheckoutProcessInfo
Class providing checkout process definition management.
Public classCheckoutProcessStepInfo
Checkout process step object.
Public classShoppingCart
Summary description for ShoppingCart.
Public classShoppingCartStep
Class describing shopping cart base functionality.
Public enumerationCheckoutProcessEnum
Type of checkout process.