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CMS.Chat Namespace
Public classDeletedRecords
Class holding information about number of records deleted by scheduled task 'Delete old chat records'
Public classDeletedRoomsCleaner
Scheduled task which cleans rooms marked for deletion.
Public classEnumExtensionMethods
Enum extension methods which works with StringValueAttribute and KeyStringValueAttribute.
Public classGlobalSites
Class holding all sites (SiteStates) installed on this instance of Kentico and being used by chat (site has to be requested at least once to be appear in memory).
Public classChatBadWordsException
Exception which is thrown when some user submitted text contains bad words
Public classChatCacheBeacon
This class uses cache to control timeouts of other cached items. It does not store any data itself. It allows to invalidate caches across web farms (that's the reason why cache is used here - touching cache is propagated across web farms) or only locally.
Public classChatCacheDictionaryWrapperTKey, TValue
This class stores cached objects in dictionary and allows to get/invalidate them individually.
Public classChatCacheWrapperTData
This class wraps cached data and handles loading on background. It is designed to be used as a static field.
Public classChatCurrentStateCacheWrapperTData, TKey
This cache wrapper holds Dictionary of items called 'current state', which is bascically an key-value collection of items. Items in this collections can be modified by FetchChangedDataFunc. It takes two functions: FetchAllDataFunc - this function is used to load initial current state FetchChangedDataFunc - this function is used to load changes to current state in time
Protected classChatCurrentStateCacheWrapperTData, TKeyCurrentStateCacheWrapperDataTKeyInner, TDataInner
Internal representation of data stored in ChatCurrentStateCacheWrapper. It contains dictionary of TData indexed by TKey.
Public classChatFloodProtector
Chat flood protector. Holds info about last actions in memory -> works only in one-server solution.
Public classChatGeneralResponse
Chat general response without payload with data.
Public classChatGeneralResponseTData
Chat general response with payload.
Public classChatGlobalData
Singleton class which holds data needed by chat. It contains instances of other classes to split responsibilities between classes.
Public classChatHelper
Helper class for chat.
Public classChatIncrementalCacheWithCurrentStateWrapperTData, TPrimaryKey
This cache wrapper combines CurrentStateWrapper and ParametrizedCacheWrapper. Where parametrized cache wrapper takes only one argument - DateTime. This argument is automatically wrapped in IChatCacheableParam.
Public classChatInitiatedChatRequestHelper
Helper class for initiated chat.
Public classChatInitiatedChatRequestInfo
ChatInitiatedChatRequestInfo data container class.
Public classChatInitiatedChatRequestInfoProvider
Class providing ChatInitiatedChatRequestInfo management.
Public classChatMessageHelper
Helper class for chat messages.
Public classChatMessageInfo
ChatMessageInfo data container class.
Public classChatMessageInfoProvider
Class providing ChatMessageInfo management.
Public classChatMessageTypeEnumExtensionMethods
ChatMessageTypeEnum extension methods.
Public classChatModule
Represents the Chat module.
Public classChatModuleMetadata
Represents the Chat module metadata.
Public classChatNotificationData
Info about one notification.
Public classChatNotificationHelper
Helper class for chat notifications.
Public classChatNotificationInfo
ChatNotificationInfo data container class.
Public classChatNotificationInfoProvider
Class providing ChatNotificationInfo management.
Public classChatNotificationsData
Chat notifications data.
Public classChatOnlineSupportHelper
Helper class for online support.
Public classChatOnlineSupportInfo
ChatOnlineSupportInfo data container class.
Public classChatOnlineSupportInfoProvider
Class providing ChatOnlineSupportInfo management.
Public classChatOnlineUserHelper
Helper class for chat online users.
Public classChatOnlineUserInfo
ChatOnlineUser data container class.
Public classChatOnlineUserInfoProvider
Class providing ChatOnlineUser management.
Public classChatOnlineUsersCleaner
Scheduled task which cleans inactive chat users and supporters.
Public classChatParametrizedCacheWrapperTData, TParam
This class represents parametrized cache. This is cache which takes params in form of IChatCacheableParam, makes hash code from this param (CacheKey) and if this key exists in cache, it returns cache. If key does not exists, it uses function of type FetchDataFunc to get data and store them in cache. Function FetchDataFunc returns IEnumerable. This means that this cache is useful only for sequences.
Public classChatPopupWindowSettingsHelper
Helper class for managing ChatPopupWindowSettings.
Public classChatPopupWindowSettingsInfo
ChatPopupWindowSettings data container class.
Public classChatPopupWindowSettingsInfoProvider
Class providing ChatPopupWindowSettings management.
Public classChatRoomData
Info about chat room.
Public classChatRoomHelper
Helper class. Contains methods working only with chat rooms.
Public classChatRoomInfo
ChatRoomInfo data container class.
Public classChatRoomInfoProvider
Class providing ChatRoomInfo management.
Public classChatRoomsData
Data about chat rooms.
Public classChatRoomUserHelper
Helper class for managing chat users in rooms (ChatRoomUserInfo).
Public classChatRoomUserInfo
ChatRoomUser data container class.
Public classChatRoomUserInfoProvider
Class providing ChatRoomUser management.
Public classChatService
Implementation of chat service. All chat operations made from client goes through this service.
Public classChatServiceBase
Base class of all chat web services.
Public classChatServiceException
Exception used to pass status code and status message to the service.
Public classChatSettingsHandler
ASP.NET handler for generating chat settings.
Public classChatSupportCannedResponseInfo
ChatSupportCannedResponseInfo data container class.
Public classChatSupportCannedResponseInfoProvider
Class providing ChatSupportCannedResponseInfo management.
Public classChatSupportService
Implementation of chat support service.
Public classChatSupportTakenRoomHelper
Helper class for Chat_SupportTakenRoom.
Public classChatSupportTakenRoomInfo
ChatSupportTakenRoomsInfo data container class.
Public classChatSupportTakenRoomInfoProvider
Class providing ChatSupportTakenRoomsInfo management.
Public classChatUserHelper
Helper class specific for chat user.
Public classChatUserInfo
ChatUserInfo data container class.
Public classChatUserInfoProvider
Class providing ChatUserInfo management.
Public classChatUserPermissionData
Chat user permissions data.
Public classChatUserStateData
State of chat user.
Public classInitiatedChats
This class holds initiated chat requests in cache. There are two caches grouped by UserID and ContactID, so checking for request is fast. Cache invalidates itself after certain amount of time (no manual invalidation).
Public classInitiateChatRequestData
Data class containing information about chat request. This class is send to client.
Public classJoinRoomData
Class returned by JoinRoom operation.
Public classCode exampleKeyStringValueAttribute
This attribute is used to represent a string value of an enum elements. Unlike StringValueAttribute, this attribute can be used multiple times. Which attribute should be used will be specified by key. Key can't be generic (C# limitation) nor Enum (Attribute params can not be dynamic). Thus it is int.
Public classKickedUsers
Class holding kicked users. It should be stored in cache.
Public classMessageCacheParams
Params for getting messages from database. Those params have to be wrapped in class to be usable by ChatParametrizedCacheWrapper.
Public classMessageData
Chat message.
Public classMessagesData
Data about messages in a room.
Public classOldInitiatedChatRequestsCleaner
Sheduled task which cleans old, unused chat records (rooms, messages, users). Setting how old data should be cleaned is in Settings.
Public classOldRecordsCleaner
Sheduled task which cleans old, unused chat records (rooms, messages, users). Setting how old data should be cleaned is in Settings.
Public classOnlineSupport
Class holding cache of users online on support.
Public classOnlineUserData
Online user data.
Public classOnlineUsersCountData
Info about counts of users in room.
Public classOnlineUsersData
Data about online users.
Public classPingResultData
Response of Ping.
Public classPingRoomResponseData
State of a room (response to PingRoom).
Public classRoomAdminState
Admin state of one user in one room.
Public classRoomOnlineUserData
Data about one online user in a room.
Public classRoomOnlineUsersData
Info about online users in a room.
Public classRoomState
Class holding caches of messages and online users in one room.
Public classSiteOnlineUsers
Class holding cached online users and notification (only times) on one site.
Public classSiteRooms
This class holds rooms (RoomStates) for site.
Public classSiteRoomsOnlineUsersCounts
Class holding counts of online users in rooms.
Public classSiteState
Class holds four helper classes (rooms, online users, online supporters and messages in support rooms) and provide accessors for them.
Public classStringValueAttribute
This attribute is used to represent a string value of an enum elements. There can be only one StringValue attribute on an enum value. It supports automatic resource string translation (IsResourceString property).
Public classSupportOfflineMessageHelper
Helper class for support requests when no support is online.
Public classSupportPingResponseData
Response of support Ping.
Public classSupportRoom
Class storing information about room which has some pending messages needed support. This class is intended to be retrieved from DB and stored in chache.
Public classSupportRoomData
Data about support room.
Public classSupportRooms
This class stores cache of SupportRoom (rooms needed support). Those rooms are stored in cache under the key which is time of last change.
Public classSupportRoomsData
Data about support rooms.
Public classSystemMessageAttribute
This attribute is used to distinguish system messages vs. classic (user submitted) messages.
Public classUserRoomAdminState
This class holds information about admin states of one user.
Public classUsersInRoomsCountsData
Counts of users in all accesible or changed rooms.
Public classUsersRoomAdminStates
Upper class for storing information about admin rights of users in rooms. Information are stored in a hierarchy: UsersRoomAdminStates has dictionary indexed by ints - those are chat user IDs. Values are UserRoomAdminState. UserRoomAdminStates has dictionary indexed by ints - those are room IDs. Values are RoomAdminState - admin state in room.
Public interfaceICacheWrapperResponseTData
This interface is returned from Chat cache wrappers when collection of items and its last modification time are needed.
Public interfaceIChatCacheableParam
Parametrized cache accepts this interface as a parameter.
Public interfaceIChatCacheableWithCurrentStateTKey
Items cached in CurrentStateCache has to implement this interface.
Public interfaceIChatIncrementalCacheable
Only classes which implement this interface can be stored in ChatParametrizedCacheWrapper.
Public interfaceIChatService
Service contract for chat service.
Public interfaceIChatSupportService
Service contract for ChatSupportService.
Public enumerationAdminLevelEnum
Possible admin levels of chat user in room.
Public enumerationFloodOperationEnum
Operations which are checked for flooding.
Public enumerationChangeTypeEnum
Change type of cacheable item.
Public enumerationChatActivityTypeEnum
Activity types related to chat.
Public enumerationChatMessageTypeEnum
Types of chat system messages. IsResourceString is left to false in StringValueType.LiveSiteMessage, because it is resolved manually later. [SystemMessage] attribute must be added to all system messages to distinguish them from non-system (posted by user) messages.
Public enumerationChatMessageTypeStringValueUsageEnum
Usage of string value attribute in ChatMessageTypeEnum.
Public enumerationChatNotificationTypeEnum
Types of chat notifications.
Public enumerationChatPermissionEnum
Enum of chat permissions.
Public enumerationChatResponseStatusEnum
ChatService response codes.
Public enumerationChatRoomMessagesDirectionEnum
Directions for chat room messages window
Public enumerationInitiatedChatRequestStateEnum
State of initiated chat request.
Public enumerationJoinRoomResultEnum
Possible results from JoinRoom operations.