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CMS.AzureStorage Namespace
Public classAccountInfo
Class which represents account info for connection to cloud.
Public classAzureStorageUsageDataSource
Module usage data for Azure storage.
Public classBlobInfo
Class which represents Azure blob unit.
Public classBlobInfoProvider
Class providing data from Azure blob storage.
Public classContainerInfo
Object which represents azure blob container
Public classContainerInfoProvider
Blob container management.
Public classDirectory
Implementation of Directory provider for Azure.
Public classDirectoryInfo
Implementation of DirectoryInfo object for Azure.
Public classFile
Implementation of File class for Azure.
Public classFileInfo
Envelope for FileInfo classes (System.IO or Azure)
Public classFileStream
Implementation of file stream for Microsoft Azure.
Public classPathHelper
Contains helper members for accessing to blob storage, cache and temp.
Public classQueue
Provides operations with azure queue storage.