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CMS.Automation Namespace
Public classAbstractAutomationManagerInfoType
Class for managing the marketing automation.
Public classAutomationAction
Base automation action
Public classAutomationActionContext
Automation action context. Ensures context for the automation actions block.
Public classAutomationActionHandler
Automation action handler
Public classAutomationEventArgs
Automation event arguments
Public classAutomationEvents
Automation events
Public classAutomationHandler
Automation handler
Public classAutomationHelper
Class for automation helper methods.
Public classAutomationHistoryInfo
AutomationHistoryInfo data container class.
Public classAutomationHistoryInfoProvider
Class providing AutomationHistoryInfo management.
Public classAutomationLogSettings
Class for automation history log settings.
Public classAutomationManager
Class for managing the marketing automation.
Public classAutomationMethods
Automation methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classAutomationModule
Represents the automation module.
Public classAutomationModuleMetadata
Represents the Automation module metadata.
Public classAutomationProcessTriggerEventArgs
Automation process trigger event arguments
Public classAutomationProcessTriggerHandler
Automation process trigger handler
Public classAutomationStateInfo
AutomationStateInfo data container class.
Public classAutomationStateInfoProvider
Class providing AutomationStateInfo management.
Public classAutomationTimer
Provides an ITask interface for the automation timing.
Public classAutomationTransformationFunctions
Functions for automation macro methods.
Public classEmailAction
Class representing action to send e-mail
Public classObjectWorkflowTriggerInfo
ObjectWorkflowTriggerInfo data container class.
Public classObjectWorkflowTriggerInfoProvider
Class providing ObjectWorkflowTriggerInfo management.
Public classProcessDisabledException
Exception which is thrown when process cannot be started because of its disabled state.
Public classProcessRecurrenceException
Exception which is thrown when process recurrence check fails and process is not started.
Public classStartProcessAction
Class for starting automation process on contact.
Public classTrigger
Implementation of IAutomationTrigger based on TriggerInfo.
Public classTriggerHelper
Class for managing automation triggers.
Public classTriggerOptions
Crate for passing variables needed by triggers.
Public classTriggerWorker
Class for managing automation triggers.
Public interfaceITrigger
Automation trigger interface.
Public enumerationAutomationActionEnum
Automation action enumeration.