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CMS.AmazonStorage Namespace
Public classAccountInfo
Represents Account of Amazon web services.
Public classAmazonHelper
Helper methods and properties for Amazon web services integration.
Public classAmazonStorageUsageDataSource
Module usage data for Amazon storage.
Public classDirectory
Implementation of Directory class for Amazon S3.
Public classDirectoryInfo
Public classFile
Implementation of File class for Amazon S3.
Public classFileInfo
Implementation of FileInfo class for Amazon S3 object.
Public classFileStream
Implementation of FileStream class for Amazon simple storage.
Public classPathHelper
Contains helper methods for conversion between NTFS and Amazon S3 storage.
Public classS3ObjectFactory
Factory for creating S3ObjectInfo a S3ObjectInfoProvider.
Public classS3ObjectInfo
Represents S3 object.
Public classS3ObjectInfoProvider
Performs operations over the S3 objects.
Public interfaceIS3ObjectInfo
Interface of the S3ObjectInfo object.
Public interfaceIS3ObjectInfoProvider
Interface of the S3ObjectInfoProvider
Public enumerationObjectTypeEnum
Defines which type of objects is returned by S3ObjectInfoProvider.GetObjectList