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ShoppingCartItemInfoProviderCheckShoppingCartItemInternal Method
Checks shopping cart item in the shopping cart. If check fails the specified error message is returned, otherwise an empty string is returned. The following conditions must be met to pass the check: 1)Shopping cart item is enabled 2)Max units in one order are not exceeded 3)There is enough units in the inventory 4) Customer is registered, if it is a membership type product 5)Product validity is valid, if it is a membership or e-product type product

Namespace: CMS.Ecommerce
Assembly: CMS.Ecommerce (in CMS.Ecommerce.dll) Version: 8.2.23
protected virtual ShoppingCartItemCheckResult CheckShoppingCartItemInternal(
	ShoppingCartItemInfo item


Type: CMS.EcommerceShoppingCartItemInfo
Shopping cart item to check

Return Value

Type: ShoppingCartItemCheckResult
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