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AttachmentInfoEnsureSearchContent Method
Returns the search content of the attachment (including names, title, description and extracted content of the attachment binary data) which should be included to the content field of the SearchDocument. Caches the extracted value to the AttachmentSearchContent field if called for the first time (calls AttachmentInfoProvider.SetAttachmentInfo(this, false) in this case to save to value to the DB).

Namespace: CMS.DocumentEngine
Assembly: CMS.DocumentEngine (in CMS.DocumentEngine.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public string EnsureSearchContent(
	ExtractionContext context,
	ISearchFields searchFields


Type: CMS.SearchExtractionContext
Extration context passed to the text extractors
Type: CMS.DataEngineISearchFields
Search fields collection that can be extended by extractors (DOES NOT modify the content field, this is dealt with separately - as a return value of this method)

Return Value

Type: String
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