Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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Only editors and other users with access to the CMS Desk interface can view and manage wireframes. The system does not display wireframes or wireframing components on the live website.




To configure wireframing permissions for specific roles, go to Site Manager / CMS Desk -> Administration -> Permissions.


Permissions for



Module -> Design


Allows users to edit the content of wireframes on the Wireframe tab and create new wireframe documents. Users without this permission can view existing wireframes, but are not allowed to make any modifications.

Design web site

Allows users to edit documents on the Design tab of CMS Desk. Users only need this permission for managing wireframe zones inside standard page content.

Module -> Content


Users need the permissions for the Content module to access the CMS Desk content tree and read or create documents in general (including wireframes).

Document type -> Wireframe


You can assign the basic content permissions specifically for the Wireframe document type (instead of the entire Content module).


UI personalization


By configuring UI personalization for particular roles, you can customize the visibility of individual elements in the wireframing interface.


1. Go to Site Manager / CMS Desk -> Administration -> UI personalization.

2. Select the appropriate Site and Role.

3. Choose the Content Module.

4. Configure the checkboxes as required:




Edit layout, Edit template, Save as new template - sets the visibility of the management actions offered in the page template context menu.

Web part properties -> General - users must have this UI element allowed to access the property configuration dialog of wireframe components.

Add web parts - sets the visibility of the add button (AddWireframe) in the corner of the wireframe grid. Users can insert components from the toolbar even without this element.

Remove web parts - context menu option for deleting individual components from wireframes.


Properties -> Wireframe

New -> Page template selection -> Use existing page template - required to create new wireframe documents.


Members of the selected role can now see only the specified UI elements.