Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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UI personalization enables you to provide certain users of the website with simplified user interface. This is useful typically for business users who don't need to see all the tabs, menu items, actions and parts of UI pages which they don't use. Instead, they have the possibility to see only the things that they need for their job and are not overwhelmed by loads of other options.


Setting up personalized UI can significantly decrease the learning time for new end-users and makes the system generally easier to use and understand for them.


If you are new to UI personalization in Kentico CMS, we recommend you to take the following steps to fully understand it:


1. For UI personalization to be functional, you first need to enable it as described here.


2. It is a good idea to start with the Quick example topic, where you can instantly see what UI personalization is good for.


3. With some basic information from the Quick example, you can get deeper knowledge of the terminology, concept and internals in the How it works chapter.


4. Finally, you can learn what parts of CMS Desk can be hidden in Personalizable parts of CMS Desk.


With the knowledge gained in the chapters above, you can start making UI personalization settings for particular roles as described in the UI profile configuration topic. You can also modify or even create your custom UI elements as described in the UI elements management and the related example topics.