Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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The Blogs module allows you to publish a personal or company blog, which is a frequent, chronological publication of one's thoughts and web links. You can publish multiple blogs on the same site and there can be multiple editors for each blog.




The Blogs module fully leverages the standard content management engine, so every blog post you create is a standard document that can be displayed on the website, searched, etc. You can also configure permissions and workflow for every blog as you're used to do with other content.


To see an example of blog, please refer to a sample blog on the Corporate Site sample website.

To learn how to create a new blog on the sample Corporate Site, please refer to the Adding a blog to your site topic.

To learn how to add posts to your blog, please refer to the Adding posts to your blog topic.

To learn how comments can be moderated, please follow the Moderating comments topic.

To learn how to configure the layout and design of your blog, please follow the Blog layout and design topic.

To learn how to enable users to perform selected tasks using the User contributions module web parts, please refer to the On-site management via User contributions topic.

If you would like to adjust the settings and security of the Blogs module, please refer to the Settings and Security topics respectively.

To learn how to deal with blog post documents using standard API for documents, please refer to the Blogs internals and API chapter.


Subchapters on trackbacking and on a programming interface enabling co-operation of the Blogs module with external programs, MetaWeblog API, and topics related to Blog comments notifications (Who can be notified, User subscriptions and E-mail templates) are also available in the Blogs chapter.


If you would like to compare the Corporate Site sample blog with a more detailed example of blogging, please switch to the Community Site sample website where you can find not only blogs with blog posts but also a tag cloud. The Tag cloud web part is used to display key words, called tags that are associated with a document, and is convenient for simple marking of documents according to various criteria, e.g. your interests.


Kentico CMS Community Site Guide contains some additional examples and tutorials related to blogs:


You will learn not only how to create a page on blogs (learn here how to do it) but also how to create a special page where users are redirected when they want to create a new blog (as explained here), a page that displays a list of all blogs on the site (as explained here) or how to create a page where only blog posts corresponding to the selected tag from the tag cloud are displayed (as explained here).