Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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The file import module allows you to import files including their entire folder structure from the disk to the Kentico CMS content repository (content tree). When files are uploaded this way, they are stored as CMS.File (or CMS.Folder) documents. The module allows large amounts of files to be selected, which eliminates the need to create documents and upload files in the content tree manually one-by-one.


The module's user interface can be found in CMS Desk -> Tools -> File import. The label at the top shows the path to the file import folder, which is where all files that you wish to import must be located. If the folder doesn't exist, you may need to create it on the disk. The default file import folder is ~/CMSImportFiles. You can define your custom file import path in Site Manager -> Settings -> System -> Files -> File import folder.


For a more specific example of using this module to import files, please continue in the Importing files topic.


The Security topic shows how permissions can be set for this module. The use of this module should usually only be allowed for site administrators, as it doesn't check certain security settings from Site Manager -> Settings -> System -> Files, such as allowed file extensions.


The file import module isn't the only way files can be uploaded to the Kentico CMS system. For other options and information about general file management, please refer to the Content management -> File Management chapter of this guide.