Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Editing metafiles using WebDAV

Editing metafiles using WebDAV

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Editing metafiles using WebDAV

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Metafiles in Kentico CMS are files stored together with system objects. Typical examples of metafiles are:


E-commerce product images

web part thumbnails

widget thumbnails

page template thumbnails



All these files can be edited using WebDAV Edit mode — in the respective fields, you can find the Edit in client application (EditLayout) icon, just as highlighted in the screenshot below. Clicking the icon opens the document for editing in a client application (if there is an application for the particular file type installed on the client machine and if the application supports WebDAV).




Required permissions


The following metafiles can be edited by site editors with appropriate module permissions:



Permissions matrix

Required permissions

Forms metafiles

Module -> Forms

Read form, Edit form

E-commerce invoice

Module -> E-commerce

Read configuration, Modify configuration

E-commerce product images

Module -> E-commerce

Read products, Modify products

Newsletters (issue attachments)

Module -> Newsletters

Read, Author newsletter issues

Newsletters (issue template attachments)

Module -> Newsletters

Read, Manage templates

Reports (General tab -> Attachments)

Module -> Reporting

Read, Modify

All other metafiles can only be edited by global administrators.