Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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The Document library module enables live site users to upload and manage files stored in a pre-defined location in the content tree. The module has no dedicated user interface. Its whole functionality is provided by two web parts: Document library and Group document library. Both web parts and their specific properties are described in the Document library web parts topic. The module also comes with the Document library widget, which is based on the Document library web part.




Document library files are stored in the content tree as standard CMS.File documents. This means that even though the module has no dedicated user interface, actions made on the live site are reflected in the content tree. Like this, the uploaded documents can also be managed by website editors or administrators in CMS Desk -> Content. Only flat file structure of document libraries is currently supported, i.e. you can't store files in sub-folders but only under the main document. More information about CMS.File documents, as well as other ways how files can be stored in Kentico CMS, can be found in Content management -> File management.


A live example of use of this module can be found on the Intranet Portal sample website, specifically on its /Documents page. The process of creating a similarly structured document library can be found in the Creating a document library topic. The Managing files in document libraries topic explains how the module can be used from the live site user's point of view. Finally, the Security topic explains how standard document-level permissions are applied to documents in the library and how they can be configured.