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The cookie law consent functionality was implemented because of the Cookie law (you can find more information at, which is in effect in some European countries and which requires website developers to ask site visitors for consent with using cookies.


We divided cookies that Kentico CMS uses into several cookie levels according to their importance in the system. We also created three main levels designed for you to be able to comply with the law regulations quickly and easily.


To display a text message and buttons asking for site visitors' consent with storing cookies on their computers, you can use two provided web parts. With the preconfigured Simple cookie law consent web part, you can introduce the consent on your website quickly and easily.


For the information to be complete, we provide a list of all cookies that Kentico CMS may currently use with assigned levels and a brief description.


If you need details about cookies API, you can find more information in the Cookie Law Support in Kentico CMS 6 blog post.


How to quickly include a cookie consent in your website


1.Navigate to a page and zone, where you want to place the message of the consent.


2.Choose the Simple cookie law consent web part under the General -> Cookies category in the web part catalog.

­You are not required to configure any settings. It can be useful though, to visually separate the text from the rest of the content using a web part container (e.g, Orange box).