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Cookie levels

Cookie levels

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Cookie levels

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We divide cookies into several levels to differentiate their purpose and to provide the option of setting a certain cookie level for the user. We provide more levels than you probably need in order to offer more options for configuration and future updates. These are the default levels available in Cookie helper API (CookieLevel class):


None (-1000) - Absolutely no cookies are allowed, including the cookie indicating the cookie level that the user chose. This makes sense only in the case when you want to disable absolutely every cookie by default.

System (-100) - This level allows the session cookie (due to security on postback), and CookieLevel cookie which remembers the cookie level that the user chose. In terms of the end user and the Cookie law, this means "Cookies are not allowed"

Essential (0) - Cookies which are required for all website functionality needed by site visitors. This includes authentication, shopping cart, votes in polls etc. From the visitor's perspective, this means "Allow only cookies that I may need, but do not track me".

Editor (100) - Cookies which are needed for the admin UI to work properly. This mainly includes the view mode, remembering tabs and sliders and a few others.

Visitor (200) - All cookies which aren't assigned to any explicit level (which also includes your custom cookies if you use any) are considered to be cookies identifying the visitor, i.e. user tracking cookies, which are not really needed, but are useful for the site owner if using EMS.

All (1000) - This is a system level, not a particular cookie level. This level allows all cookies, no matter what their level is. From the site visitor's perspective this means "Allow all cookies now and in the future".


The numbers associated with each cookie level are integer constants, which allow you to further customize the levels or make custom levels in case you need it. Also for this reason, the levels "None" and "All" have an absolute value of 1000 to provide enough space for potential future updates.


For simplicity, we created 3 main levels, which represent choices to be offered to the user when asking for the user's consent with the cookies:


No cookies (level System) - Enables the minimum cookies required for the website to work, and remembers whether the user allows cookies or not.

Only essential cookies (level Essential) - Enables all cookies required for website functionality, but no tracking cookies.

All cookies (level All) - Enables all cookies used in the website.


These three levels are also used in the provided cookie web parts.





Administrator and cookies


If a user logs in to admin UI, all cookies are automatically enabled for the user to provide full editing functionality. We expect that login to admin UI identifies the user as staff; therefore there is no need for cookie consent in this case.