Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Available inline widget

Available inline widget

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Available inline widget

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There are two Inline widgets that can be used for displaying unsorted attachments of documents. The inline widgets can be added to a page via the Editable text web part, using the WYSIWYG editor on the Page tab. To add a widget to the page, just place the cursor in the appropriate position and click the Insert/Edit widget (fckInlineWidgets) button. You can choose one of the following two widgets from the Content category for displaying attachments, which are based on the document attachment web parts:




Attachment image gallery


Displays thumbnails of the document's unsorted attachments in a gallery. After a thumbnail is clicked, the attachment will be displayed in a lightbox. By default, the widget uses the cms.root.attachmentLightbox transformation for the gallery and cms.root.attachmentLightboxDetail for the lightbox.


Document attachments


Displays the document's unsorted attachments. After an attachment is clicked, it will be displayed on a new page if it is an image and non-image attachments will be offered for download. By default, images are displayed based on the cms.root.attachment transformation.


In the Editable text's text area, the widgets are represented by matching placeholder images.