Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

AD import from command line

AD import from command line

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AD import from command line

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Apart from the wizard described in the Using the wizard chapter, the AD Import Utility can also be launched from windows command line. It is achievable by executing the ADImport.exe file located in <Kentico CMS installation folder>\Bin (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\KenticoCMS\<version number>\Bin) using a special syntax.


You can launch the utility with the -h parameter, which displays help on using the utility from the command line:


ADImport -h


To perform the actual import, you need to have an import profile created via the wizard. With the import profile prepared, you need to execute the utility using the ADImport /profile <profile file name> syntax. When specifying the profile file name, an absolute or a relative path can be used. Please make sure that you use proper quotation when entering an absolute path containing special characters (e.g. blank spaces).


ADImport /profile my_profile.xml

ADImport /profile "C:\Temp\AD Import\my_profile.xml"


After executing the command, users or groups from Active Directory will be imported to your Kentico CMS instance based on settings contained in the specified import profile.