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These settings are available only if a workflow is defined for the current document.


Approve section


In the initial section, you can see which workflow is currently applied to the document.


Comment - you can add a comment which will be displayed in the Workflow history below and in an e-mail notification sent to users involved in the workflow process.

Send e-mail - if the box is checked, a message can be sent to the editor whose work is currently being approved. If not, no message is sent to the editor.

Approve - by clicking the button, you approve the document and send it to the following workflow step. This button is only available in steps preceding the Published step.

Reject - by clicking this button, you reject the document and send it to the previous workflow step. This button is only active if there is a preceding workflow step before the current one.

Archive - after clicking this button, the document gets archived. This means that it is no longer visible on the live site, but it is still present in the content tree and can be restored later when needed. This action is available in all steps, unless the document is already archived.




Please note


Workflow notification e-mails are not sent among users who have the same e-mail address. So for example, when user1 and user2 have the same address and user1 sends a document for user2's approval, no notification e-mail is sent.



Workflow steps


This table displays all workflow steps of the current document's workflow, while the current step is highlighted.


Workflow history


This list displays the current document's workflow step history, i.e. a list of all workflow status changes made throughout the document's life cycle. With each status change, you can see its exact date and time, final workflow step and the user who performed the action and the actual type of action that was performed.