Kentico CMS 6.0 Context Help

General tab

General tab

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General tab

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On the General tab, you can specify the following properties of the widget:


Display name

Descriptive name of the widget used in the Kentico CMS user interface.

Code name

Name of the widget used in website code.


Defines which category the widget belongs under. You can change it here by selecting another category from the drop-down list.

Based on

Name of the web part that the widget is derived from.


Text description of the widget.


Graphical representation of the widget in the widget selection dialog. When a file is uploaded in the field, two icons are displayed next to it:


Edit (Edit) - if the file is an image, clicking the icon opens it in the built-in image editor. If the file is not an image (which would not make sense as no thumbnail could be displayed), the metadata editor is opened after clicking the icon.

Delete (Delete) - removes the file from the field.


You can also see which web part the widget is based on.


More resources can be found at:


Developer's Guide -> Development -> Widgets -> Overview

Developer's Guide -> Development -> Widgets -> Developing widgets