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Fields tab

Fields tab

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Fields tab

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On this tab, you can see the table's default fields (columns). You can add your custom field using the New attribute (NewAttribute) icon. You can also Delete (Delete) fields, move them Up (Up) and Down (Down) or add a new field category using the New category (NewCategory) icon.


Please note: When creating a new field in a system table, it is highly recommended that you always allow empty values in the newly created field, so that the system procedures and existing dialogs keep working correctly.


Individual fields can be configured using the following properties:


Please note: Not all options may be available depending on the selected Attribute type.



Column name

The name that will be used for the database column storing the values of the field. It will also serve to identify the field.

Attribute type

Type of value that the field should contain.

Attribute size

Sets the maximum amount of characters that can be entered into the field. Only available if the Attribute type is set to Text.

Allow empty value

Enable this if you do not wish the field to be checked for empty values. If not enabled, an asterisk (*) will be displayed next to the attribute.

Default value

Default value of the field that will be pre-filled when objects based on the table are created.

Display attribute in the editing form

If you uncheck this property, then the given field will not be available in editing forms for the objects based on this table.

Field appearance

Field caption

Text displayed in editing forms next to the field.

Form control type

Filters the options available in the Form control drop-down list below according to their type.

Form control

Sets the specific form control that should be used in the form to interact with the given field.

Field description

Tooltip which will be displayed if a user hovers over the field.

Has depending fields

Indicates that other fields may be updated dynamically depending on the value of the given field.

Depends on another field

Indicates that the behaviour (e.g. the available selection options) of the given field can be affected depending on the value of some other field.

Editing control settings

The settings in this section are used to perform additional configuration of the selected Form control, which affects the behaviour or appearance of the field. Please see individual tooltips for more information.


Regular expression

This regular expression will be used by the validator of the field. Only available if the selected Attribute type is Text or Long text.

Min/Max length

Sets the minimum/maximum length for entered values. Only available if the selected Attribute type is Text or Long text.

Min/Max value

Sets the minimum/maximum value that can be entered. Only available if the selected Attribute type is numerical.


Can be used to specify a time interval into which the entered value must belong. Only available if the selected Attribute type is Date and time.

Error message

Error message displayed if a user enters invalid input into the field and attempts to save the form.

CSS styles

Caption style

Used to set CSS styles for the caption of the given field.

Input style

Used to set CSS styles for the input entered into the field.

Control CSS class

Name of the CSS class used to style the field.


Any changes to field settings must be confirmed by clicking the Save Save field button at the top.


More information about system tables can be found in Developer's Guide -> Development -> System tables and custom fields. Please refer to Developer's Guide -> Development -> Form controls to learn more about form fields and their configuration.