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Configuration tab

Configuration tab

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Configuration tab

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The following newsletter settings can be configured on this tab:


Newsletter display name

Name of the newsletter that is displayed to users.

Newsletter name

Name of the newsletter that is used in code.

Sender name

Name of the sender used in newsletter e-mails.

Sender e-mail

Sets the address that is used in the From field of newsletter e-mails.


If bounced e-mail monitoring is enabled for the site, the Bounced e-mail address is used for this purpose instead. However, the sender e-mail address is still used in the Reply to field (if a subscriber decides to reply to a newsletter e-mail).

Base URL

Here you can specify the base URL of your website, which is used to convert relative links to absolute URLs in newsletter issues (e.g. links, image paths, etc.). It may be necessary to set this property in order for the unsubscription links to work properly.

Unsubscription page URL

The URL of the page where users can unsubscribe from the newsletter. The page must contain the Newsletter unsubscription web part. If left empty, the value of the Site Manager -> Settings ->  On-line marketing -> Newsletters -> Newsletter unsubscription page URL field is used.

Subscription confirmation

Template used for subscription confirmation e-mails.

Unsubscription confirmation

Template used for unsubscription confirmation e-mails.

Send draft e-mails to

The addresses specified here are pre‑entered by default when sending draft newsletter issues for testing purposes. Multiple addresses must be separated by semicolons.


Draft e-mails are not included in tracking statistics (e-mail opening and link clicking).

Send issues via e-mail queue

If enabled, newsletter issues will be sent to the SMTP server through the E-mail queue. Recommended for large amounts of subscribers or when using role or contact group subscribers.


On-line marketing


Please note that these settings will only be available if the Enable on-line marketing setting is enabled in Site Manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing.


Track opened e-mails

If enabled, the e-mails used to send out the issues of the newsletter will be tracked and statistics will be kept about the amount of e-mails that are opened by subscribers.

Track clicked links

If enabled, statistics will be kept about the amount of clicks subscribers perform on hyperlinks placed in the e-mail issues of the newsletter.

Log newsletter actions as on‑line marketing activities

Indicates if actions related to this newsletter should be included in the site's on‑line marketing activity statistics. This includes the following types of events: Subscription, Unsubscription, E‑mail opening, Link clickthrough.


You can view the logged activities in CMS Desk -> On‑line marketing -> Activities.


Template-based newsletter configuration


Newsletter template

Sets the template used for static newsletter emails.


Dynamic newsletter configuration



Sets the subject of newsletter issue e-mails. It can either use the page title of the content, or be entered manually by selecting Use the following subject.

Source page URL

The URL of the page that will be contained in the newsletter, such as for example The Check Server availability button (CheckServer) checks if the page with the entered URL is available and displays the result.

Schedule mail-outs

If enabled, the newsletter is automatically sent as defined by the settings below.


When checked, a new scheduled task called Send dynamic newsletter: <newsletter name> is created for the current site, which reads the content of the source page and ensures that the issues are sent out according to the set time interval.


Sets the time interval between new issues of the newsletter.

Start time

The date and time when the newsletter will start being sent.


The amount of time periods defined in the Period field between new newsletter issues.


The time interval during which newsletter issues are sent. Only available for Minute and Hour Period settings.


The days on which newsletter issues are sent.


The day of the month(s) on which newsletter issues are sent. Only available for the Month Period setting.


Double opt-in


Enable double opt-in

If checked, users will have to click a link sent to them in a confirmation e-mail before their subscription to the newsletter is activated.

Double opt-in template

Selects the template for the subscription activation e-mails that are sent to users.

Approval page URL

Sets the URL of the page where users can confirm their subscription to the newsletter. The Subscription approval web part must be placed on the specified page to ensure the required functionality.


This URL is used by the Activation link field, which is typically inserted into the Double opt-in template


If left empty, the value of the Site Manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing -> Newsletters -> Newsletter double opt-in approval page URL field is used. If this setting is empty as well, the default system page is used.

Send double opt-in confirmation

If checked, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to users after they successfully activate their subscription.


More resources can be found in:


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