Kentico CMS 6.0 Developer's Guide



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The E-mail queue module was designed to enable the sending of large amounts of e-mails, e.g. when sending newsletter issues to subscribers, without the risk of losing any of the e-mails due to errors. If an e-mail is not delivered successfully, it remains in the queue so that it can be resent later. The e-mails in the queue are sent out automatically, no manual sending is necessary as this is handled by the Send queued e-mails scheduled task.


During the mail‑out, e‑mails in the queue are distributed to the SMTP servers defined in system. Please see the SMTP server configuration topic to learn how you can register and configure SMTP servers in Kentico CMS.


E-mails in the queue can be monitored or manually managed through the administration interface. Please see the Administrating the e-mail queue topic for more information.


To utilize the e-mail queue, authorized users have the option of Sending mass e-mails to large amounts of users. Certain other modules, such as Newsletters, also make use of the e-mail queue. All other e-mails sent by the system can be configured to either use the e-mail queue or be sent directly to the SMTP server, as is described in the Settings topic.