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CMS.CustomTables Namespace
Public classClearCustomTableTypeInfosWebFarmTask
Web farm task used to clear all custom table type infos.
Public classCustomTableFormSubmitActivityInitializer
Represents implementation of IActivityInitializer for custom table form submission activity.
Public classCustomTableHelper
Provides methods for creating search documents for custom tables
Public classCustomTableInfo
Specialized class for the custom table info
Public classCustomTableItem
Class providing access to custom table data.
Public classCustomTableItemEventArgs
Custom table item event arguments
Public classCustomTableItemEvents
Custom table item events
Public classCustomTableItemFactory
Factory that provides custom table item objects
Public classCustomTableItemGenerator
Generator of the specific custom table items
Public classCustomTableItemHandler
Custom table item handler
Public classCustomTableItemProvider
Class for retrieving custom table items.
Public classCustomTableItemTypeInfo
Type info for the custom table items.
Public classCustomTableModule
Represents the Custom table module.
Public classCustomTableModuleMetadata
Represents the Site module metadata.
Public classCustomTableSearchIndexer
Search indexer for custom table search index
Public classInvalidateCustomTableTypeInfoWebFarmTask
Web farm task used to invalidate custom table type info.