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CMS.Core Namespace
Public classAppCore
Main entry point to the application.
Public classAssemblyDiscoveryHelper
Provides loading of application assemblies.
Public classBasicModuleInstallationMetaData
Basic module installation meta data (can be retrieved from the name of module installation meta file). The basic meta data is read only.
Public classBinaryData
Wrapper for the binary data (fox example for the web farm tasks).
Public classCoreServices
Provides basic core services
Public classDiscoveryError
Represents an error that occurred during the assembly or module discovery process.
Public classEventLogData
Contains data to be logged as an event.
Public classEventLogServiceExtensions
Extension methods for the IEventLogService
Public classLoggingPolicy
Logging policy allows to limit the number of logged events.
Public classModuleDiscovery
Provides loading of application modules.
Public classModuleEntry
Represents the standard module entry.
Public classModuleEntryManager
Provides management of module info objects in the hosting CMS application.
Public classModuleInfo
Represents a module info.
Public classModuleInstallationMetaData
Installation meta data about single installation module, shipped with module via NuGet.
Public classModuleMetadata
Represents the module metadata.
Public classModuleName
Constants for module names
Public classObjectFactory
Object factory based on the given type
Public classObjectFactoryT
Class that provides construction of the objects of given class
Public classService
Provides service management and resolution functionality for the system.
Public classServiceRegistrationException
Thrown when registration of a service fails.
Public classServiceResolutionException
Thrown when resolution of a service fails.
Public classStaticWrapperInterfaceType
Static wrapper for the implementation implementing the given interface
Public classTypeManager
Manager for object factories
Public classWebFarmTaskBase
Represents a type of a web farm task which has a condition to be met in order to log such type of task and an associated action to be executed upon task processing.
Public interfaceIAppSettingsService
Defines interface to server application settings.
Public interfaceIConnectionStringService
ConnectionString service interface
Public interfaceIConversionService
Interface for the conversion service
Public interfaceIEventLogContextAccessor
Defines methods to access or close instances of ILogContext
Public interfaceIEventLogService
Defines contract for logging events.
Public interfaceIEventLogWriter
Defines a contract for writing the event log data into an appropriate output.
Public interfaceILocalizationService
Localization service interface
Public interfaceILogContext
Interface for the Log context
Public interfaceIMacroMethod
Represents method executable in MacroEngine.
Public interfaceIMacroMethodParam
Represents method executable in MacroEngine.
Public interfaceIMacroRoot
Represents visible root of the macro engine where root properties can be registered. Extend this interface with properties which you want to be resolved
Public interfaceIObjectFactory
Object factory interface
Public interfaceIPerformanceCounter
Interface for a performance counter
Public interfaceISettingsService
Settings service interface
Public interfaceIWebFarmService
Web farm service interface
Public interfaceIWebFarmTask
Web farm task representation.
Public enumerationEventTypeEnum
Event type
Public enumerationLifestyle
Enumeration of possible lifestyles of a service registered via RegisterImplementationAttribute.
Public enumerationLoggingPolicyEnum
Logging policy types.
Public enumerationRegistrationPriority
Enumeration of possible priorities for implementation registration.
Public enumerationWebFarmTaskOptimizeActionEnum
Determines kind of optimization which can be used for reduction number of generated web farm tasks of particular type.