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DocumentQueryBaseTQuery, TObjectGetEnumerableResultAsync Method
Asynchronously gets an enumeration of data records representing the result of this query. If Properties has CheckPermissions set to true, the resulting data records are filtered based on permissions.

Namespace: CMS.DocumentEngine
Assembly: CMS.DocumentEngine (in CMS.DocumentEngine.dll) Version: 13.0.131
public override Task<IEnumerable<IDataRecord>> GetEnumerableResultAsync(
	CommandBehavior commandBehavior = CommandBehavior.Default,
	bool newConnection = false,
	Nullable<CancellationToken> cancellationToken = null


commandBehavior (Optional)
Type: System.DataCommandBehavior
Command behavior for the underlying reader.
newConnection (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
If true, the underlying reader will be executed using its own dedicated connection.
cancellationToken (Optional)
Type: SystemNullableCancellationToken
The cancellation instruction.

Return Value

Type: TaskIEnumerableIDataRecord
Returns a task returning the enumeration resulting from query execution.


IDataQueryGetEnumerableResultAsync(CommandBehavior, Boolean, NullableCancellationToken)
IDataQueryGetEnumerableResultAsync(CommandBehavior, Boolean, NullableCancellationToken)
NotSupportedExceptionThrown always by this implementation.

The returned data records can contain additional system columns (ROW_NUMBER and TOTAL_RECORDS) when a paged query is being executed. The columns support the framework infrastructure and should not be relied on in custom code.

The data records do not reflect version data. The version data are applied as part of the GetEnumerableTypedResultAsync(CommandBehavior, Boolean, NullableCancellationToken) method

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