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ModuleCommands Class
Module commands.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 12.0.0
public static class ModuleCommands

The ModuleCommands type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCommunityCheckGroupPermission
Returns true if CurrentUser is authorized for the specified action in the group.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetCurrentGroupID
Gets the current group's ID. Returns 0 if current group does not exist.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetGroupInfo
Gets the Group info from Community module.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetGroupInfoByGuid
Gets the group by GUID.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetGroupInfoByName
Gets the Group info by group name and site name from Community module.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetGroupManagementPath
Gets group management path.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetGroupProfilePath
Gets group profile path.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetMemberManagementPath
Gets member management path.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetMemberProfilePath
Gets member profile path.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetUserGroups(Int32)
Gets the groups for the given user.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityGetUserGroups(Int32, String)
Gets the groups for the given user.
Public methodStatic memberCommunityIsMemberOfGroup
Indicates whether the specified user is member of the specified group.
Public methodStatic memberCommunitySiteHasGroup
Returns true if selected site contains at least one group.
Public methodStatic memberEventsGetSiteEvent
Returns Booking event by ID for specified site.
Public methodStatic memberForumsAddForumModerator
Add moderator to forum.
Public methodStatic memberForumsGetDocumentForumsCount
Gets the number of forums for current document.
Public methodStatic memberForumsGetForumInfo
Returns ForumInfo(BaseInfo) of specified id.
Public methodStatic memberForumsGetForumPostInfo
Returns forum post info (BaseInfo) of specified ID.
Public methodStatic memberForumsGetPostUrl
Returns URL of the specified forum post. Forum idPost id pathIndicates if the query string should be encoded
Public methodStatic memberForumsRemoveForumModerator
Removes moderator to forum.
Public methodStatic memberGetDefaultReportConnectionString
Item's default connection string
Public methodStatic memberLogOnSiteKeywords
Logs onsite search keywords.
Public methodStatic memberMediaLibraryDeleteMediaFile
Deletes media file from file system.
Public methodStatic memberMediaLibraryDeleteMediaFilePreview
Deletes media file preview from file system.
Public methodStatic memberMediaLibraryGetMediaFileUrl(Guid, String)
Returns media url according to GUID and file name.
Public methodStatic memberMediaLibraryGetMediaFileUrl(String, String)
Returns media url according to site settings.
Public methodStatic memberMediaLibraryGetMediaLibraryInfo
Gets media library info object.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardAddModeratorToBoard
Adds new BoardModeratorInfo object.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardAddRoleToBoard
Adds specified role to the board.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardGetBoardMessageInfo
Gets board message info object specified by its ID.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardGetDocumentBoardsCount
Gets the number of message boards for current document.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardGetMessageBoardInfo
Gets message board info object with dependence on specified board id.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardRemoveModeratorFromBoard
Removes specified user from the board.
Public methodStatic memberMessageBoardRemoveRoleFromBoard
Removes specified role from the board.
Public methodStatic memberNotificationsRaiseEvent
Raises notification events according to the specified parameters.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingContactIsMonitored
Returns TRUE if contact is monitored.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingCreateNewContact
Creates new contact and assigns given member.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingCreateRelation
Returns current contact ID.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingEnsureDefaultCombination
Creates the default combination for a given page template (The default combination contains original versions of the page template webparts).
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingGetCurrentContactID
Returns current contact ID.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingGetExistingContact
Returns current contact if such exists.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingGetMVTestSiteID
Returns SiteID of given multivariate test id.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingGetUserLoginContactID
Returns contact ID for specified user info.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingMoveMVTests
Moves all MVTests from the document under the oldAlias path to the document under the newAlias path.
Public methodStatic memberOnlineMarketingRemoveCustomer
Removes customer references from all contact management objects.
Public methodStatic memberPollsAddRoleToPoll
Assigns the role to poll.
Public methodStatic memberPollsGetPollAnswerInfo
Returns answer info specified by ID.
Public methodStatic memberPollsGetPollInfo
Returns poll info object (BaseInfo) specified by ID.
Public methodStatic memberPollsPollBelongsToGroup
Returns TRUE if poll belongs to specified group.
Public methodStatic memberPollsRemoveRoleFromPoll
Removes role from poll.
Public methodStatic memberReportingRefreshCategoryDataCount
Refresh children count for single category.
Public methodStatic memberSendEmail
Sends the e-mail.
Public methodStatic memberSynchronizationProcessTask
Processes the given task.
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