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InfoObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettings Class
Repository for info objects.
Inheritance Hierarchy
  CMS.DataEngineInfoObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettings

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 12.0.0
public abstract class InfoObjectRepository<TCollection, TObject, TSettings> : IInfoObjectRepository<TCollection>, 
	INamedEnumerable<TCollection>, INamedEnumerable, IEnumerable, IEnumerable<TCollection>, 
	IHierarchicalObject, INameIndexable
where TCollection : class, Object, IInfoObjectCollection, IEnumerable<TObject>
where TObject : BaseInfo
where TSettings : BaseCollectionSettings

Type Parameters


The InfoObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAll
All items from all underlying collections.
Public propertyAllowNiceNames
If true, the repository allows nice names of the collections, e.g. for "CMS.User" uses "Users"
Public propertyCollectionNames
Returns list of collection names in the repository.
Protected propertyCollections
Table of collections [name -> CollectionType]
Protected propertyCollectionSettings
Table of collection settings [name -> InfoCollectionSettings]
Protected propertyCollectionSettingsByIndex
Table of collection settings by index [index -> InfoCollectionSettings]
Protected propertyCollectionSettingsLock
Gets lock object for synchronization of modification of CollectionSettings and CollectionSettingsByIndex.
Protected propertyCollectionsList
List of all collections (sorted by the order in which the collections were added).
Public propertyCount
Returns the number of items.
Public propertyDynamicNames
List of the dynamic names of the collections
Public propertyGetDynamicNames
Function that provides the dynamic names of collections to the repository
Public propertyIsCachedObject
If true, the object is cached within the system for later use
Public propertyIsDisconnected
Returns true if this collection is disconnected from the database
Public propertyItemInt32
Returns the collection of objects.
Public propertyItemString
Returns the collection of objects indexed by object type, e.g. "cms.user".
Public propertyItemsHaveNames
Returns true if the items in the collection have names
Public propertyLoadBinaryData
Gets or sets the value which indicates whether to load binary data into the collections.
Public propertyParentStorage
Parent storage
Public propertyProperties
Properties of the object available through GetProperty.
Public propertySortNames
If true, the names in enumeration are sorted
Public methodAdd
Adds new object to the collection.
Public methodAddCollection
Registers the given collection of objects within the repository.
Public methodDisconnect
Disconnects the collections from the database
Protected methodGetCollection
Returns the collection of objects indexed by object type, e.g. "cms.user".
Public methodGetEnumerator
Gets the enumerator for the collection.
Public methodGetNicePropertyName
Gets the property name for the original name of the collection
Public methodGetObjectName
Returns the name of the given object
Public methodGetProperty
Gets the property value.
Protected methodLoadCollection
Loads the given collection.
Public methodNewCollection
Creates new collection for the data.
Public methodNewCombinedCollection
Creates new combined collection for the data.
Public methodReconnect
Reconnects the collection to the database
Protected methodRegisterNiceName
Registers the nice name of the collection
Public methodReplaceCollection
Registers the given collection of objects within the repository.
Protected methodSetupCollection
Sets up the collection using the given settings
Protected methodStoreCollection
Stores the collection into inner lists
Public methodSubmitChanges
Submits the changes to the database.
Public methodTryGetProperty
Returns value of property.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodBatchTCollection
Returns input in batches of batchSize size.
(Defined by BaseExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetNamedEnumeratorT
Name enumerator over a collection
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodToJSON
Returns JSON representation of current instance of IEnumerable.
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodToXML
Returns XML representation of current instance of IEnumerable.
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
Public eventOnLoadCollection
Fires when the collection with specified name is requested.
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