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CMS.Newsletters Namespace
Public classABTestInfo
ABTestInfo data container class.
Public classABTestInfoProvider
Class providing ABTestInfo management.
Public classActivityTrackingHelper
Helper methods for logging activities for opened e-mails and link tracking.
Public classBounceChecker
Task for checking bounced newsletter e-mails.
Public classClickedLinkInfo
ClickedLinkInfo data container class.
Public classClickedLinkInfoProvider
Class providing ClickedLinkInfo management.
Public classDoubleOptInExtensionDefinition
Describes configuration for double opt-in extension.
Public classDoubleOptInExtensionDefinitionRegister
Register for actions extending double opt-in feature.
Public classDynamicNewsletterSender
Class used by scheduler to execute the dynamic newsletter mailout.
Public classEmailContentMacroResolver
Resolves macros for email content.
Public classEmailContentMacroResolverSettings
Configuration settings for email content macro resolver.
Public classEmailQueueItemInfo
Class representing newsletter queue item.
Public classEmailQueueItemInfoProvider
Class providing EmailQueueItemInfo management.
Public classEmailQueueLimitException
Represents errors that occur during the email generating once the provided license does not cover FullContactManagement and number of generated emails exceeds the limit.
Public classEmailQueueManager
Manages generation and sending of EmailQueueItems (newsletter queue).
Public classEmailTemplateInfo
EmailTemplate data container class.
Public classEmailTemplateInfoProvider
Class providing EmailTemplate management.
Public classEmailTemplateNewsletterInfo
EmailTemplateNewsletterInfo data container class.
Public classEmailTemplateNewsletterInfoProvider
Class providing EmailTemplateNewsletterInfo management.
Public classEmailTrackingLinkHelper
Provides links for email tracking.
Public classEmailViewer
Provides email properties with resolved macros.
Public classEmailWidgetInfo
EmailWidgetInfo data container class.
Public classEmailWidgetInfoProvider
Class providing EmailWidgetInfo management.
Public classEmailWidgetTemplateInfo
EmailWidgetTemplateInfo data container class.
Public classEmailWidgetTemplateInfoProvider
Class providing EmailWidgetTemplateInfo management.
Public classGeneratePreviewEventArgs
Event arguments for GeneratePreviewHandler handler type.
Public classGeneratePreviewHandler
Handler for event GeneratePreview. Alteration of what is being displayed as a preview e-mail for a subscriber can be done through
Public classGenerateQueueItemsEventArgs
Event arguments for GenerateQueueItems event.
Public classGenerateQueueItemsHandler
Handler for GenerateQueueItems event.
Public classIssueABVariantItem
Class contains issue ID and variant name pair.
Public classIssueContactGroupInfo
IssueContactGroupInfo data container class.
Public classIssueContactGroupInfoProvider
Class providing IssueContactGroupInfo management.
Public classIssueExtensions
Extension methods for IssueInfo class.
Public classIssueHelper
Issue helper class.
Public classIssueInfo
Issue data container class.
Public classIssueInfoMethods
Macro methods for IssueInfo class.
Public classIssueInfoProvider
Class providing Issue management.
Public classLinkConverter
Converts links in newsletter issue text.
Public classLinkInfo
LinkInfo data container class.
Public classLinkInfoProvider
Class providing LinkInfoProvider management.
Public classLinksEventArgs
Event arguments for the LinksHandler
Public classLinksHandler
Handler raised when system link in email campaign is clicked and tracked, e.g. for logging email opening and email link tracking.
Public classLinkTracker
Tracks subscribers who clicked on a link in a newsletter issue.
Public classNewsletterConstants
Constants related to the newsletter module.
Public classNewsletterContext
Newsletter context.
Public classNewsletterEvents
Newsletter events.
Public classNewsletterHelper
Newsletter helper class.
Public classNewsletterInfo
Newsletter data container class.
Public classNewsletterInfoMethods
Macro methods for class NewsletterInfo
Public classNewsletterInfoProvider
Class providing Newsletter management.
Public classNewsletterModule
Represents the Newsletter module.
Public classNewsletterModuleMetadata
Represents the Newsletter module metadata.
Public classNewslettersActivityLogger
Provides methods for logging newsletters activities.
Public classNewsletterSender
Task for re-sending remaining newsletters in newsletter queue after main thread sender exit unexpectedly.
Public classNewsletterSendingStatusModifier
Encapsulates methods intended to reset issue/newsletter queue item status.
Public classNewsletterSource
Newsletter source constants.
Public classNewsletterSubscriptionAction
Class for subscribe/unsubscribe contact to newsletter
Public classNewsletterTasksManager
Class for managing scheduled tasks that relate to newsletters (QueueSender).
Public classOpenedEmailInfo
OpenedEmail data container class.
Public classOpenedEmailInfoProvider
Class providing OpenedEmailInfoProvider management.
Public classOpenEmailTracker
Tracks subscribers who opened a newsletter issues sent by e-mail.
Public classQueueSender
Scheduled task for newsletter issue mailout.
Public classRecipientsExtensions
Extension methods for IssueInfo which helps to retrieve an issue recipients.
Public classResolveMacrosEventArgs
Event arguments for the ResolveMacrosHandler.
Public classResolveMacrosHandler
Handler for the event when macros are being resolved in the newsletter module.
Public classSendNewsletterIssueAction
Class for Send newsletter issue action
Public classSubscriberFullNameFormater
Class builds full name of subscribers of all existing types.
Public classSubscriberInfo
Subscriber data container class.
Public classSubscriberInfoProvider
Class providing Subscriber management.
Public classSubscriberNewsletterInfo
SubscriberNewsletterInfo data container class.
Public classSubscriberNewsletterInfoProvider
Class providing SubscriberNewsletterInfo management.
Public classSubscribeSettings
Settings defining how exactly will ISubscriptionService.Subscribe method behave.
Public classThreadEmailSender
Async e-mail sender. Gets e-mails from newsletter queue, prepares them and sends them to e-mail queue.
Public classUnsubscriptionEventArgs
Event arguments for the UnsubscriptionHandler.
Public classUnsubscriptionHandler
Handler for the event when subscriber email is being unsubscribed.
Public classUnsubscriptionInfo
Container for unsubscription data. Contains email unsubscribed from newsletter. If false, having null in the newsletter ID column means unsubscribed from all newsletters.
Public classUnsubscriptionInfoProvider
Class providing access to unsubscriptions. If false, having null in the newsletter ID column means unsubscribed from all newsletters.
Public classVariantEventArgs
Additional arguments for variant slider and variant dialog events.
Public classWidgetZonePlaceholderHelper
Class which provides operations regarding email builder zone placeholders.
Public classWinnerSelection
Scheduled task - selects the best issue variant and sends it to subscribers.
Public interfaceIConfirmationSender
Class for sending newsletter issues confirmation.
Public interfaceIContactProvider
Provides methods for retrieving and preparing ContactInfo objects so it can be subscribed to the newsletter.
Public interfaceICssInlinerService
Interface for CSS inlining service. Used for moving CSS to inline style attributes.
Public interfaceIDraftSender
Interface for sending drafts of newsletter issues (IssueInfo).
Public interfaceIEmailABTestService
Interface for email A/B testing service.
Public interfaceIEmailAddressBlocker
Provides methods which decide whether email to certain email address should or should not be generated to the newsletter queue.
Public interfaceIEmailContentMacroResolver
Interface for email content macro resolver.
Public interfaceIEmailHashValidator
Provides method for validating hash generated from given email address.
Public interfaceIIssueScheduler
Provide method for scheduling the issue mailout.
Public interfaceIIssueSender
Class for sending newsletter issues (IssueInfo).
Public interfaceIIssueUrlService
Interface for service retrieving URLs for issue content.
Public interfaceINewslettersActivityLogger
Provides possibility to log newsletters activities.
Public interfaceIRecipientsProvider
Provides helper methods which are able to return different subset of subscribers per issue or newsletter
Public interfaceISenderRetriever
Interface for retrieving sender email and name.
Public interfaceISubscriberEmailRetriever
Class for retrieving subscriber email address.
Public interfaceISubscriberFullNameFormater
Provides methods for building full name of subscribers of all existing types.
Public interfaceISubscriptionApprovalService
Approves subscription by provided hash.
Public interfaceISubscriptionHashValidator
Validates subscription hash.
Public interfaceISubscriptionService
Handles all work with subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
Public interfaceIUnsubscriptionProvider
Handles unsubscriptions.
Public delegateBounceCheckerFallbackDecoderHandler
Occurs when a character set name could not be mapped to the encoding.
Public enumerationABTestWinnerSelectionEnum
Winner option enumeration
Public enumerationApprovalResult
Subscription approval result.
Public enumerationEmailCommunicationTypeEnum
Defines email communication type.
Public enumerationEmailTemplateTypeEnum
Email template type enumeration.
Public enumerationHashValidationResult
Hash validation result.
Public enumerationIssueStatusEnum
Issue status enumeration