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ObjectVersionManager Class
Class providing object versions management.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Synchronization
Assembly: CMS.Synchronization (in CMS.Synchronization.dll) Version: 11.0.0
public class ObjectVersionManager : AbstractBaseProvider<ObjectVersionManager>

The ObjectVersionManager type exposes the following members.

Public methodObjectVersionManager
Public fieldStatic memberRESTORE_ALL
Object versioning restore mode determining that all objects supported in staging will be deleted to recycle bin.
Public fieldStatic memberRESTORE_NONE
Object versioning restore mode determining that objects will be deleted permanently.
Object versioning restore mode determining that versioned objects will be deleted to recycle bin.
Public methodStatic memberAllowObjectRestore
Indicates if the object under specified site can be restored from recycle bin.
Public methodStatic memberAllowObjectVersioning
Indicates if the object versioning is allowed for specified object under particular site.
Protected methodChangePreviousVersionsObjectIDInternal
Changes object ID for the previous object versions during object restore.
Public methodCheckIn
Checks in the object.
Public methodCheckOut
Checks out the object to particular user
Public methodStatic memberCreateVersion
Creates object version.
Public methodStatic memberDeleteOlderVersions
Deletes older object versions.
Protected methodDeleteOlderVersionsInternal
Deletes older object versions.
Public methodStatic memberDestroyObjectHistory
Destroys complete object history.
Public methodStatic memberDestroyObjectVersion
Destroys object version.
Public methodStatic memberDisplayVersionsTab
Indicates if versions tab should be displayed for specified object type
Public methodStatic memberEnsureDeletedVersion
Ensures object version.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureVersion
Creates object version for deleted object.
Public methodStatic memberGetLatestVersion
Gets latest version history for given object.
Protected methodGetLatestVersionInternal
Gets latest version history for given object.
Public methodStatic memberGetMajorVersionHistoryLength
Gets object major version history length.
Public methodStatic memberGetMinorVersionHistoryLength
Gets object version history length.
Public methodStatic memberGetNewVersionNumber
Gets new version number according to previous version number.
Protected methodGetNewVersionNumberInternal
Gets new version number according to previous version number.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectHistory
Gets object version histories.
Protected methodGetObjectHistoryInternal
Gets object version histories.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectVersionedExtensions
Returns allowed extensions list from settings.
Public methodStatic memberGetPromoteToMajorInterval
Gets time interval between 2 modifications of object for which last version will be promoted to major version
Public methodStatic memberGetUseLastVersionInterval
Gets time interval for which last version will be used to store version data
Public methodStatic memberIsObjectExtensionVersioned
Determines whether the file with the specified extension (case insensitive) is versioned on site specified by name.
Public methodStatic memberIsVersionMajor
Indicates if specified version is major version
Public methodStatic memberMakeVersionMajor
Make major version from specified version
Public methodStatic memberObjectHasVersions
Indicates if object has at least one version.
Public methodStatic memberRestoreObject(Int32, Boolean)
Restores object, optionally with its children.
Public methodStatic memberRestoreObject(Int32, Int32)
Restores object to specified site ID.
Public methodStatic memberRollbackVersion
Rollbacks object to specified version.
Public methodSetAsDefaultProvider
Sets this object as the default provider
(Inherited from AbstractBaseProviderProviderType.)
Public methodUndoCheckOut
Cancels the object checkout.
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