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BaseIntegrationConnector Properties

The BaseIntegrationConnector type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyClearTranslationsAfterProcessing
Says whether to clear cached translation information (true by default). Applies both to internal and external tasks. If switched to false, translations can still be cleared by calling ClearInternalTranslations() or ClearExternalTranslations().
Public propertyConnectorEnabled
Gets a value that indicates if the connector is enabled.
(Inherited from AbstractIntegrationConnector.)
Public propertyConnectorID
Gets integration connector identifier.
(Inherited from AbstractIntegrationConnector.)
Protected propertyConnectorInfo
Gets integration connector info object.
(Inherited from AbstractIntegrationConnector.)
Public propertyConnectorName
Name of the connector.
(Inherited from AbstractIntegrationConnector.)
Public propertyLogIntegrationForExternalTasks
Determines whether to log integration tasks when processing external tasks. False by default.
Protected propertySyncManager
SyncManager instance.
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