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CMS.ResponsiveImages Namespace
Public classImageContainer
Represents a container which encapsulates image data that are passed into the image filters.
Public classImageFilterException
Represents errors that occur during filter application.
Public classImageMetadata
Represents image metadata.
Public classImageVariantDefinition
Variant definition which is generated using the collection of IImageFilter.
Public classImageVariantDefinitionExtensions
Extension methods for IImageVariantDefinition.
Public classImageVariantDefinitionManager
Provides methods for image variant definition management.
Public classRegisterImageVariantDefinitionAttribute
Registers an image variant definition within the system.
Public interfaceIImageFilter
Represents an image filter which can be applied on an image.
Public interfaceIImageVariantDefinition
Interface for the image variant definition.
Public interfaceIVariantContext
General interface for image variant processing context.
Public interfaceIVariantContextScope
General interface for variant context scopes which restrict generating of variants based on the context in which the variant is generated.