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CMS.Polls Namespace
Public classPollAnswerInfo
PollAnswerInfo data container class.
Public classPollAnswerInfoProvider
Class providing PollAnswerInfo management.
Public classPollInfo
PollInfo data container class.
Public classPollInfoProvider
Class providing PollInfo management.
Public classPollRoleInfo
PollRoleInfo data container class.
Public classPollRoleInfoProvider
Class providing PollRoleInfo management.
Public classPollSiteInfo
PollSiteInfo data container class.
Public classPollSiteInfoProvider
Class providing PollSiteInfo management.
Public classPollsModule
Represents the Polls module.
Public classPollsModuleMetadata
Represents the Polls module metadata.
Public classPollVotingActivityInitializer
Provides initialization for poll voting activity.
Public enumerationCountTypeEnum
Count type enumeration.