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CMS.DataEngine.Internal Namespace
Public classAbstractCompositeInfoTInfo
Base class for info object which represents a composite info object made of multiple internal info components.
Public classAbstractWrapperInfoTInfo
Base class for info object which wraps other info object and is able to add additional capabilities to its members.
Public classDefaultDataChildDependency
Specifies dependency of an object type on a child object type to allow child count re-computation when selecting the default data.
Public classProtectedSettings
Encapsulates settings that are protected from being configurable or read by users with insufficient privileges.
Public classSettingsMacroContainer
Macro container for all settings.
Public interfaceIDataTableProvider
Provides method for creating DataTable from given collection of IDataTransferObject.
Public interfaceIDataTransferObject
Specifies data object that can be serialized to IDataContainer and used e.g. in bulk insert.