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AbstractDirectoryGetDirectories Method (String)
Returns the names of subdirectories (including their paths) in the specified directory.

Namespace: CMS.IO
Assembly: CMS.IO (in CMS.IO.dll) Version: 11.0.0
public virtual string[] GetDirectories(
	string path


Type: SystemString
The relative or absolute path to the directory to search. This string is not case-sensitive.

Return Value

Type: String
An array of the full names (including paths) of subdirectories in the specified path, or an empty array if no directories are found.

This method is identical to GetDirectories(String, String) with the asterisk (*) specified as the search pattern, so it returns all subdirectories.

If you need to search subdirectories recursively, use the GetDirectories(String, String, SearchOption) method, which enables you to specify a search of all subdirectories.

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