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OutputCacheEventArgs Class
Arguments for the sending output from cache event.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.OutputFilter
Assembly: CMS.OutputFilter (in CMS.OutputFilter.dll) Version: 10.0.0
public class OutputCacheEventArgs : CMSEventArgs

The OutputCacheEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public methodOutputCacheEventArgs
Public propertyCurrentHandler
Currently executing handler
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public propertyFallbackToRegularLoad
If set to true, content will not be send from output cache, but will be generated regularly.
This is different than calling Cancel() on the event args. Calling Cancel() indicates, that event subscriber has already sent output to the response. Setting FallbackToRegularLoad indicates, that content should be generated normally.
Public propertyOriginalEventArgs
Original event arguments for the event
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public propertyOutput
Content retrieved from the output cache.
Public propertyViewMode
View mode of the page.
Public methodCallOnDispose
Adds the given action to the list of actions called when the handler object is disposed
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public methodCallWhenFinished
Adds the given action to be called when the handler finishes
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public methodCancel
Cancels the current handler execution
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public methodDetectRecursion
Prevents the recursion of the handler execution using the given unique key. The handler won't execute again with the given key until the current execution is finished. Returns true, if recursion is detected and the code shouldn't continue. Otherwise returns false.
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public methodDispose
Make sure the objects get disposed
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public methodLock
Locks the event on the given lock object. The context stays locked until the handler is disposed.
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Public methodUsing
Adds the given object to the list of object that get disposed when the handler object is disposed
(Inherited from CMSEventArgs.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodUseTransaction
Ensures that the event uses transaction
(Defined by DataExtensions.)
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