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UIContextHelper Class
Class helper for context's methods.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI
Assembly: CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI (in CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI.dll) Version: 10.0.0
public class UIContextHelper

The UIContextHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodUIContextHelper
Public fieldStatic memberGRIDDIRECTORY
Default directory for uni grids definitions
Public fieldStatic memberQUERY_STRING_KEY
Represents key for storing query string
Public methodStatic memberAppendDialogHash
Appends hash to URL if context contains dialog parameter
Public methodStatic memberCorrectChildParentRelations
Appends URL suffix to element's URL. Replace objectID for parentobjectID if object types are different (parent-child)
Public methodStatic memberElementIsLayout
Indicates if UI element contains template with IsLayout checked.
Public methodStatic memberFindElementFeature
Returns element feature. If feature is empty, tries to find it from parents.
Public methodStatic memberGetApplicationDescriptionUrl
Returns URL to Application description for given element. If provided element doesn't have an application, empty string is returned.
Public methodStatic memberGetElementBreadcrumbsSuffix
Gets UI element breadcrumbs suffix.
Public methodStatic memberGetElementUrl(UIElementInfo, UIContext)
Returns element's URL based on elements type
Public methodStatic memberGetElementUrl(String, String, UIContext)
Returns element's URL based on element's type
Public methodStatic memberGetElementUrl(UIElementInfo, Boolean, Int32, String)
Returns element's URL
Public methodStatic memberGetElementUrl(String, String, Boolean, Int32, String)
Returns element's URL
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectBreadcrumbsText
Returns object's breadcrumbs text.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectType
Gets object type of (created)edited object (if any)
Public methodStatic memberGetTitleText
Gets title text based on 'titletext' property. If this property is not found, use element's caption (not localized).
Public methodStatic memberGetUIContext
Returns control's UI context. If no parent control contains own UI context, use main page's (stored in request stock helper).
Public methodStatic memberCheckElementAvailabilityInUI
Checks the UI element availability. This check includes evaluation of the element's macro condition, license check of the element's feature and check if the element's resource (module) is available.
Public methodStatic memberCheckElementVisibilityCondition
Checks visibility condition for the given UI element
Public methodStatic memberCheckFeatureAvailableInUI
Checks for element's feature availability for UI.
Public methodStatic memberCheckSelectedElement
Checks if given element is parent of selected element (based by ID path)
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