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LayoutTemplate Class
Represents layout based on a template.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI
Assembly: CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI (in CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI.dll) Version: 10.0.0
public class LayoutTemplate : AbstractLayout

The LayoutTemplate type exposes the following members.

Public methodLayoutTemplate
Constructor for the class.
Protected fieldmCollapsibleImages
Dictionary of the collapsible images indexed by category name
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected propertyBasicForm
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Public propertyFormPanel
Main form panel
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Public propertyRequiredMarkCssClass
Gets or sets CSS class for the required mark (*)
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodAddControlToPanel
Adds control to form panel.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCollectFormElements
Collects form elements from the given container.
Protected methodCreateCollapsibleImage
Gets collapsible image.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateEditingFormControl
Creates new EditingFormControl and puts it into FieldEditingControls hash table.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateErrorLabel
Creates the validation label for a field.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateFieldActions
Creates additional field action buttons and puts them into FieldActionsControls dictionary.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateFieldLabel
Creates the field label.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateVisibilityControl
Creates the visibility control for a field.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodEnsureErrorLabels
Ensures the existence of the error labels for fields.
Protected methodGetFieldName
Gets the name for the given field.
Public methodIsCategoryCollapsed
Returns true if the given category is collapsed
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodIsExcludedRequiredField
Indicates if field is excluded from applying the required field format string.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Public methodLoadLayout
Loads the template layout for the form.
(Overrides AbstractLayoutLoadLayout.)
Protected methodRegisterCategory
Registers BasicForm's form category.
Protected methodRegisterEditingFormControl
Registers EditingFormControl into BasicForm controls.
Protected methodRegisterErrorLabel
Registers error label for specified field in BasicForm.
Protected methodRegisterFormControl
Registers the given form control within the form.
Protected methodRegisterFormControlControl
Registers FormControl into BasicForm controls.
Protected methodRegisterFormEngineUserControl
Registers FormEngineUserControl into BasicForm controls.
Protected methodRegisterFormErrorMessageLabel
Registers message error label for whole form.
Protected methodRegisterFormFieldControl
Registers FormField into BasicForm controls.
Protected methodRegisterFormInfoMessageLabel
Registers message info label for whole form.
Protected methodRegisterLabel
Registers info label for specified control.
Protected methodRegisterSubmitButton
Registers BasicForm's submit button.
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