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ResponseOutputFilter Properties

The ResponseOutputFilter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplyFilter
If true, the filter is applied to the response.
Public propertyStatic memberCacheItems
List of the cache key items.
Public propertyCanRead
Public propertyCanSeek
Public propertyCanWrite
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultFilterCapacity
Default capacity for the output filter.
Public propertyEncoding
Current response encoding
Public propertyLength
Public propertyLogToDebug
If true, the filter logs the output to the debug.
Public propertyLogToFile
If true, the filter logs the output to the file.
Public propertyStatic memberOutputFilterEndRequest
When true, the request is completed, when false, the Request.End is called.
Public propertyPosition
Public propertyStatic memberTrackCacheDependencies
Returns true if the cache dependencies for the output cache are tracked.
Public propertyUseGZip
If true, the filter uses GZip compression on output.
Public propertyStatic memberUseOutputFilterCache
Returns true if full client cache is enabled (no revalidation requests).
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