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FormLabel Properties

The FormLabel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAssociatedControlClientID
Associated control client ID.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Public propertyCssClass
Label's CSS class.
(Overrides WebControlCssClass.)
Public propertyDisplay
Indicates if the label should be displayed (not visible but rendered to page). Default value is 'true'.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Public propertyDisplayColon
Display colon at the end of the text.
(Overrides LocalizedLabelDisplayColon.)
Public propertyField
Field name for which the label applies. This property is only supported in templated form.
Public propertyRequiredMarkCssClass
Gets or sets CSS class for the required mark (*)
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Public propertyResourceString
Name of a resource string used for text.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Public propertyShowRequiredMark
Indicates if required mark (* by default) should be displayed at the end of the text. False by default.
(Overrides LocalizedLabelShowRequiredMark.)
Public propertySource
Localized string source property - may be 'database' or 'file'.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Protected propertyTagKey
Tag key.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Public propertyText
Display text.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Public propertyToolTipResourceString
Name of a resource string used for tooltip.
(Inherited from LocalizedLabel.)
Protected propertyUseFFI
Indicates if control should load properties from FormFieldInfo. True by default.
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