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CMS.MessageBoards Namespace
Public classBoardInfo
BoardInfo data container class.
Public classBoardInfoProvider
Class providing BoardInfo management.
Public classBoardMessageInfo
BoardMessageInfo data container class.
Public classBoardMessageInfoProvider
Class providing BoardMessageInfo management.
Public classBoardModeratorInfo
BoardModeratorInfo data container class.
Public classBoardModeratorInfoProvider
Class providing BoardModeratorInfo management.
Public classBoardProperties
Summary description for BoardProperties.
Public classBoardRoleInfo
BoardRoleInfo data container class.
Public classBoardRoleInfoProvider
Class providing BoardRoleInfo management.
Public classBoardSubscriptionInfo
BoardSubscriptionInfo data container class.
Public classBoardSubscriptionInfoProvider
Class providing BoardSubscriptionInfo management.
Public classMessageBoardActivityLogger
Provides methods for logging message board activities.
Public classMessageBoardModule
Represents the Message Board module.
Public classMessageBoardModuleMetadata
Represents the Message Board module metadata.
Public classMessageBoardResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classThreadEmailSender
Handles sending message board e-mails in separated thread.
Public enumerationBoardOwnerTypeEnum
Type of message board according to owner.