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CMS.ContinuousIntegration.Internal Namespace
Public classAbstractFileSystemJob
Abstract class incorporating usual properties and basic methods for inter-job usage.
Public classAbstractFileSystemProgressLoggingJob
Abstract class incorporating logging of job's progress.
Public classAbstractFileSystemTypeWideJob
Abstract class incorporating behavior same for all objects of a given type jobs.
Public classAbstractSingleObjectJob
Abstract class incorporating behavior same for all single-object-processing jobs.
Public classContinuousIntegrationEventHandling
Handles object change events for the purpose of CI.
Public classContinuousIntegrationTranslationHelper
Custom translation helper which ensures that ObjectFileNameFields are retrieved along with other translation data (to improve performance of file system names creation).
Public classCustomProcessorBase
Provides TranslationHelper object from a job the processor will be run from to ease customization of XmlDocument after it is processed by InfoSerializer and before it is process by InfoDeserializer.
Public classCustomProcessorFactory
Factory allowing ICustomProcessor registration.
Public classCustomProcessorResult
Provides information on custom process result.
Public classDatabaseObjectsEnumeratorFactory
Factory providing enumerator of objects in database covered by continuous integration.
Public classExcludedObjectTypeCodeNames
Class represents excluded code names for an object type.
Public classExtendedTranslationReference
Translation reference carrying data from additional fields.
Public classFileMetadataInfo
Contains metadata for a file used in objects serialization.
Public classFileMetadataInfoProvider
Class providing FileMetadataInfo management.
Public classFileSystemDeleteJob
Class designated for removal of serialized BaseInfo objects from the file system.
Public classFileSystemDeleteJobFactory
Factory for file system repository delete jobs.
Public classFileSystemDeleteObjectsByTypeJob
Deletes objects of given object type missing in the repository but present in the database.
Public classFileSystemDeleteObjectsByTypeJobFactory
Factory for file system repository restore objects by type jobs.
Public classFileSystemJobFactoryTJobFactory, TJob
Factory for file system repository jobs.
Public classFileSystemRepositoryConfiguration
Configuration of a file system repository. Use FileSystemRepositoryConfigurationBuilder to create a new configuration.
Public classFileSystemRepositoryConfigurationBuilder
Builder for file system repository configuration.
Public classFileSystemRepositoryNamingProvider
Provides methods for registering custom functions to be used when object identifier or parent identifier is needed. Such identifier is used when deriving file or folder names for file system repository.
Public classFileSystemStoreJob
Class designated for serialization of BaseInfo objects to the file system.
Public classFileSystemStoreJobFactory
Factory for file system repository store jobs.
Public classFileSystemUpsertObjectsByTypeJob
Inserts all objects of given object type present in repository to the database. If object already exists, it is updated.
Public classFileSystemUpsertObjectsByTypeJobFactory
Factory for file system repository restore objects by type jobs.
Public classObjectTypeInfoExtensions
Class provides Continuous integration extensions for ObjectTypeInfo and is meant for this single purpose.
Public classRepositoryBulkOperations
Contains methods allowing caller to perform bulk operation on CI repository.
Public classRepositoryConfigurationEvaluator
Class responsible for evaluating FileSystemRepositoryConfiguration.
Public classRepositoryConfigurationFile
Represents a configuration file of the repository. The configuration specifies which main object types are to be included in the repository.
Public classRepositoryLocationsCollection
Class represents collection of file locations in the repository that are all used for deserialization of one object.
Public classRepositoryPathHelper
Provides methods for working with file paths in file system repository.
Public classStructuredLocation
Collection of additional locations associated with object stored in MainLocation.
Public interfaceICustomProcessor
Provides interface for customization of XmlDocument after it is processed by InfoSerializer and before it is process by InfoDeserializer.