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ResponseOutputFilter Methods

The ResponseOutputFilter type exposes the following members.

Public methodClose
Closes the OutputFilter.
(Overrides StreamClose.)
Public methodStatic memberConvertTablesToDivs
Returns true if the conversion of TABLE tags to DIV tags is enabled.
Public methodStatic memberCreateOutputFilter
Creates new instance of output filter.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureOutputFilter
Ensures that current request contains the output filter.
Public methodFilterResponse
Applies the output filter to the output data.
Public methodFlush
Flushes the response stream.
(Overrides StreamFlush.)
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedAttributesFilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded XHTML Attributes filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedFormFilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded Form filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedHTML5FilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded HTML5 filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedJavascriptFilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded XHTML Javascript filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedLowerCaseFilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded XHTML LowerCase filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedSelfCloseFilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded XHTML Self close filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedXHTMLFilterURLs
Gets string array of excluded XHTML filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedXHTMLResolveUrls
Gets string array of excluded Resolve filter urls.
Public methodStatic memberGetFilterRelativePath
Gets document's relative path used in output filters.
Public methodStatic memberGetOutputCacheKey
Gets the output cache key for the request.
Public methodStatic memberIndentOutputHtml
Returns true if the indentation of the output is enabled.
Public methodStatic memberMoveViewStateToEnd
Gets the flag whether the view state should be moved to the end of the page for SEO purposes.
Public methodRead
Reads from the response stream.
(Overrides StreamRead(Byte, Int32, Int32).)
Public methodStatic memberResolveSubstitutions
Resolves the substitutions in the given output HTML.
Public methodStatic memberSaveOutputToCache
Saves the output data to the cache.
Public methodSeek
Moves the response stream position.
(Overrides StreamSeek(Int64, SeekOrigin).)
Public methodStatic memberSendOutputFromCache
Sends the page output from the output cache.
Public methodSetLength
Sets the stream length.
(Overrides StreamSetLength(Int64).)
Public methodWrite
Handles the write event.
(Overrides StreamWrite(Byte, Int32, Int32).)
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