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TreeNode Properties

The TreeNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAbsoluteURL
Gets document absolute URL.
Public propertyAliases
Collection of the document aliases.
Public propertyAllAttachments
Collection of all document attachments (all field, grouped and unsorted).
Public propertyAllChildren
Collection of all child nodes from all levels.
Protected propertyAllowClone
Indicates if the object supports cloning.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyAllowPartialUpdate
If true, the object allows partial updates.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Protected propertyAllowRestore
Indicates if the object supports deleting to recycle bin.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyAllowTouchParent
Indicates if parent is allowed to be touched, if exists.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyAssignedSites
Collection of the sites to which the object is associated via site bindings (M:N relationships).
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyAttachmentHistory
Collection of the attachment history of the document
Public propertyAttachments
Collection of unsorted document attachments.
Public propertyBindings
Collection of the binding objects for the given object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyCacheParentData
If true, the parent object data is cached within object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyCategories
Collection of document categories.
Public propertyClassName
Class name in format application.class.
(Overrides AbstractInfoBaseTInfoClassName.)
Protected propertyCodeNameColumn
Code name column name of the info record.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyCodeNameChanged
Returns whether the object code name changed or not
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyColumnNames
Column names.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyConnectedDocuments
Connected documents.
Public propertyConnectedObjects
Connected objects.
Public propertyCoupledClassIDColumn
Name of the coupled class ID column.
Public propertyCultureVersions
Collection of all culture versions of this document.
Protected propertyCustomizedColumns
Gets the list of customized columns in current object
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyDataClass
Data class with the info object data.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Protected propertyDeleteFiles
Indicates if all physical files should be deleted when object will be deleted.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Protected propertyDisplayNameColumn
Display name column name of the info record.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyDocumentCanBePublished
Indicates whether the document is published.
Public propertyDocumentContent
Document content.
Public propertyDocumentConversionValue
Document conversion value.
Public propertyDocumentCreatedByUserID
ID of a user who has created the document.
Public propertyDocumentCreatedWhen
Date and time when the document was created.
Public propertyDocumentCulture
Document culture.
Public propertyDocumentCustomData
Document custom data.
Public propertyDocumentExtensions
Document extensions.
Public propertyDocumentGroupWebParts
Document group web parts (widgets).
Public propertyDocumentGUID
GUID to identify the document within site.
Public propertyDocumentHash
Document hash.
Public propertyDocumentCheckedOutAutomatically
Indicates if document is checked out/in automatically
Public propertyDocumentCheckedOutByUserID
ID of a user who has checked the document out.
Public propertyDocumentCheckedOutVersionHistoryID
Document checked out version history ID (latest document version).
Public propertyDocumentCheckedOutWhen
Date and time when was the document checked out.
Public propertyDocumentID
Document ID.
Public propertyDocumentInheritsStylesheet
Indicates if document inherits stylesheet from the parent.
Public propertyDocumentIsArchived
Indicates whether document is archived.
Public propertyDocumentIsWaitingForTranslation
Indicates whether the document is in the process of translation (submitted to a translation service).
Public propertyDocumentLastPublished
Date and time when was the document last published.
Public propertyDocumentLastVersionName
Document last version name.
Public propertyDocumentLastVersionNumber
Document last version number.
Public propertyDocumentLogVisitActivity
Indicates whether any activity is tracked for this document.
Public propertyDocumentMenuCaption
Document menu caption.
Public propertyDocumentMenuClass
Document menu class.
Public propertyDocumentMenuClassHighlighted
Document menu highlighted class.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemHideInNavigation
Indicates if document is hidden in navigation
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemImage
Document menu item image.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemImageHighlighted
Document menu item highlighted image.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemInactive
Indicates whether item is inactive in document menu.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemLeftImage
Document menu item left image.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemLeftImageHighlighted
Document menu item left image highlighted.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemRightImage
Document menu item right image.
Public propertyDocumentMenuItemRightImageHighlighted
Document menu item right image highlighted.
Public propertyDocumentMenuJavascript
JavaScript code that is executed upon click on the document in the menus.
Public propertyDocumentMenuRedirectToFirstChild
Indicates if redirection to first child document should be performed when accessed
Public propertyDocumentMenuRedirectUrl
URL to which the document is redirected when accessed
Public propertyDocumentMenuStyle
Document menu style.
Public propertyDocumentMenuStyleHighlighted
Document menu highlighted style.
Public propertyDocumentModifiedByUserID
ID of a user who modified the document.
Public propertyDocumentModifiedWhen
Date and time when was the document modified.
Public propertyDocumentName
Document name
Public propertyDocumentNamePath
Document name path
Public propertyDocumentNodeID
Document web parts.
Public propertyDocumentPageDescription
Document page description.
Public propertyDocumentPageKeyWords
Document page key words.
Public propertyDocumentPageTemplateID
Document page template for specific culture version.
Public propertyDocumentPageTitle
Document page title.
Public propertyDocumentPriority
Document priority.
Public propertyDocumentPublishedVersionHistoryID
Document published version history ID (latest published document version).
Public propertyDocumentPublishFrom
Indicates from when the document should be published.
Public propertyDocumentPublishTo
Indicates to when the document should be published.
Public propertyDocumentRatings
Number of ratings.
Public propertyDocumentRatingValue
Sum of all ratings.
Public propertyDocumentSearchExcluded
Indicates whether the document will be excluded from search.
Public propertyDocumentShowInSiteMap
Indicates if the document is visible in the site map.
Public propertyDocumentSitemapSettings
Gets or sets the sitemap settings in format frequency;priority.
Public propertyDocumentsOnPath
Collection of documents on the path to the current document
Public propertyDocumentStylesheetID
Document stylesheet ID.
Public propertyDocumentTagGroupID
Document tag group ID.
Public propertyDocumentTags
Document tags.
Public propertyDocumentTrackConversionName
Document conversion name - reflects the "TrackConversionName" data column.
Public propertyDocumentType
Document type, contains the document extension.
Public propertyDocumentUrlPath
Document URL path.
Public propertyDocumentUseCustomExtensions
Use custom document extensions.
Public propertyDocumentUseNamePathForUrlPath
Automatically use document name path for the UrlPath.
Public propertyDocumentWebParts
Document web parts.
Public propertyDocumentWildcardRule
Document wild card rule.
Public propertyDocumentWorkflowActionStatus
Returns string representing workflow action status.
Public propertyDocumentWorkflowCycleGUID
Workflow cycle GUID to obtain preview link for document.
Public propertyDocumentWorkflowStepID
Document workflow step ID.
Public propertyForums
Collection of the ad-hoc forums for this document
Public propertyGeneralized
Generalized interface of this object.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyGroupedAttachments
Document grouped attachments.
Protected propertyHasData
Returns true if the object has it's data storage initialized already
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyHasChanged
Returns true if the object changed.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyHasSKU
Indicates whether the document contains SKU data.
Protected propertyCheckUnique
If true, the code name is checked for uniqueness upon saving.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyChildDependencies
Collection of the child dependencies for the given object. These are objects which should be included into the parent data (for example class data for BizForms), but aren't direct child of the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyChildren
Collection of child nodes.
Public propertyIcon
Object icon
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyIgnoreExternalColumns
If true, externally stored columns are ignored and are stored normally in DB.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyInstanceGUID
Returns the object instance GUID
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyIsArchived
Indicates whether the document is archived.
Protected propertyIsCachedObject
If true, the object is cached within the system for later use
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyIsClone
Indicates if the object is clone.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyIsComplete
Returns true if the object is complete (has all columns).
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyIsCoupled
Indicates whether the document contains coupled data.
Public propertyIsDefaultCulture
If true, the document is in the default culture for the given web site.
Protected propertyIsDisconnected
Returns true if this collection is disconnected from the database
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyIsGlobal
Returns true if the object is global object. False if the object belongs to specific site only.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyIsCheckedOut
Indicates whether the document is checked out.
Protected propertyIsCheckedOutByUserID
Gets ID of the user who checked the object out.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyIsInPublishStep
Indicates whether the node is in published step disregarding publish from/to values.
Public propertyIsLastVersion
If true, the document is the last version (retrieved using DocumentHelper.GetDocument).
Public propertyIsLink
Indicates whether the document is link to another document.
Protected propertyIsObjectValid
Returns true if the object is considered valid.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyIsPublished
Indicates whether the document is published.
Public propertyIsSecuredNode
Indicates if the security should be checked for this node. The 'null' value means that the value is inherited from the parent node.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyLinks
Collection of linked nodes, including the original.
Protected propertyLogEvents
If true, Events tasks are logged on the object update.
(Overrides BaseInfoLogEvents.)
Protected propertyLogExport
If true, export tasks are logged on the object update.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyLogIntegration
If true, integration tasks are being logged.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyLogSynchronization
Indicates how should be handled the logging of synchronization tasks on the object update.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyLogWebFarmTasks
If true, web farm tasks are logged on the object update.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyMessageBoards
Collection of the message boards for this document
Public propertyMetaFiles
Collection of the metafiles belonging to the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyName
Returns the code name of the object
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyNodeACLID
ID of a access controller list assigned to the node.
Public propertyNodeAlias
Node alias.
Public propertyNodeAliasPath
Node alias path. This property is read only.
Public propertyNodeAllowCacheInFileSystem
Identifies whether the document allows output caching in the file system. The 'null' value means that the value is inherited from the parent node.
Public propertyNodeBodyElementAttributes
Node bode element attributes - attributes of html body tag.
Public propertyNodeCacheMinutes
Indicates how long should node stay in cache (in minutes). The 'null' means that the value is inherited from parent node.
Public propertyNodeClassName
Node class name in format application.class.
Public propertyNodeCustomData
Node custom data.
Public propertyNodeDocType
Node document type.
Public propertyNodeGroupID
ID of a community group which owns the node.
Public propertyNodeGUID
Node GUID to identify document node within site tree.
Public propertyNodeHasChildren
Indicates if node has children.
Public propertyNodeHasLinks
Indicates if node has links.
Public propertyNodeHeadTags
Node header tags.
Public propertyNodeID
Node ID. This property is read only.
Public propertyNodeInheritPageLevels
Node inherit page levels.
Public propertyNodeInheritPageTemplate
If true, the document inherits the page template from parent
Public propertyNodeIsACLOwner
Indicates if node owns its ACL item
Public propertyNodeIsContentOnly
Returns true if node is content only.
Public propertyNodeLevel
Document node level. This property is read only.
Public propertyNodeLinkedNodeID
ID of a document to which this linked document is related.
Public propertyNodeLinkedNodeSiteID
Site ID of a document to which this linked document is related.
Public propertyNodeName
Node name.
Public propertyNodeOrder
Node order in sibling sequence. This property is read only.
Public propertyNodeOwner
Node owner, read only.
Public propertyNodeParentID
Document parent node ID.
Public propertyNodeSiteID
Node site ID.
Public propertyNodeSiteName
Node site name.
Public propertyNodeSKUID
E-commerce SKU (product) ID.
Public propertyNodeTemplateForAllCultures
If true, the document uses the same template (NodeTemplateID) for all culture versions
Public propertyNodeTemplateID
Node page template ID - used for all culture versions if NodeTemplateForAllCultures is true
Protected propertyObjectCategory
Object category.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectCodeName
Object code name.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectDisplayName
Object display name.
(Overrides BaseInfoObjectDisplayName.)
Protected propertyObjectFullName
Object full name if exists
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectGroupID
Object community group ID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectGUID
Object GUID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectIcon
Object icon metafile.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectIconGUID
Object icon GUID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectID
Object ID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectIsCustom
Indicates if object is custom.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectIsCustomized
Indicates if object is customized.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectLastAccessed
Object last access time (uses internally by providers).
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectLastModified
Last modified time.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectOrder
Returns the order of the object among the other objects.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectParent
Object parent
(Overrides BaseInfoObjectParent.)
Protected propertyObjectParentID
Object parent ID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyObjectSettings
Object settings
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectSite
Returns the object site.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectSiteID
Object site ID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectSiteName
Object site name.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectStatus
Gets current status of the object.
(Overrides BaseInfoObjectStatus.)
Protected propertyObjectThumbnail
Object thumbnail metafile.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectThumbnailGUID
Object thumbnail GUID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyObjectVersionGUID
Object version GUID.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyOriginalNodeID
Original node ID. Represents NodeID for standard document, LinkedNodeID for linked document.
Public propertyOriginalNodeSiteID
Original node site ID. Returns NodeSiteID for standard document, LinkedNodeSiteID for linked document.
Protected propertyOriginalObjectCodeName
Returns the original object code name
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyOtherBindings
Collection of the binding objects for the given object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyOwner
Document owner
Public propertyParent
Parent document.
Protected propertyParentObjectType
Parent object type.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyPermanentURL
Gets document permanent absolute URL.
Public propertyPersonalizations
Collection of the personalizations (widget settings) for the document
Protected propertyPrioritizedProperties
List of properties which should be prioritized in the macro controls (IntelliSense, MacroTree).
(Overrides BaseInfoPrioritizedProperties.)
Public propertyProcesses
Collection of the processes belonging to the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyProperties
Properties of the object
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyPublishedVersionExists
Indicates whether there is a published version for current document.
Protected propertyReferringObjects
Collection of the objects depending on this object (object which have FK to this object).
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyRegisteredProperties
Registered properties
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Public propertyRelatedData
Custom data connected to the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyRelatedDocuments
Related documents.
Public propertyRelatedObjects
Related objects.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyRelativeURL
Gets document relative URL.
Public propertyRequiresSSL
Indicates if this node requires SSL protocol. The 'null' value means that the value is inherited from the parent node. 0 - Do not require SSL protocol 1 - Require SSL protocol 2 - Never require SSL protocol
Public propertySearchType
Returns search type.
(Overrides AbstractInfoBaseTInfoSearchType.)
Public propertyScheduledTasks
Collection of the scheduled tasks belonging to the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertySite
Site of the document
Protected propertySupportsVersioning
Indicates if the object versioning is supported. Default false
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyStatic memberSynchronizedLinkColumns
List of columns in CMS_Tree table automatically synchronized between linked documents
Public propertyTags
Collection of document tags.
Public propertyThumbnail
Object thumbnail
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyTouchCacheDependencies
If true, cache dependencies are touched when the object is changed.
(Overrides BaseInfoTouchCacheDependencies.)
Public propertyTreeProvider
Tree provider instance used to access data. If no TreeProvider is assigned, a new TreeProvider instance is created.
Public propertyTypeInfo
Object type information.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyUpdateTimeStamp
If true, timestamp of the object is updated when saved.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected propertyUpdateVersionGUID
If true, version GUID of the object is updated when saved.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Protected propertyValidateCodeName
If true, the code name is validated upon saving.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyVersionHistory
Collection of the version history of the document
Protected propertyVersioningEnabled
Indicates if the object versioning is enabled by the settings.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public propertyVersionManager
Version manager instance.
Protected propertyStatic memberWildcardRegex
Contains compiled regular expression for wildcard macro.
Public propertyWorkflowHistory
Collection of the workflow history of the document
Public propertyWorkflowManager
Workflow manager instance.
Public propertyWorkflowStep
Document workflow step.
Public propertyWorkflowStepName
Document workflow step name.
Public propertyWorkflowStepTimeout
Document workflow step timeout date (for steps with timeout).
Public propertyWorkflowStepType
Document workflow step type.
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