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ITreeNode Properties

The ITreeNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClassName
Node class name
Public propertyColumnNames
Column names.
(Inherited from IDataContainer.)
Public propertyDocumentCulture
Document culture
Public propertyDocumentExtensions
Document extensions.
Public propertyDocumentUrlPath
Document URL path.
Public propertyIsLink
Indicates whether the document is link to another document.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
(Inherited from ISimpleDataContainer.)
Public propertyNodeAliasPath
Node alias path
Public propertyNodeGUID
Node GUID.
Public propertyNodeID
Node ID
Public propertyNodeSiteID
Node site ID
Public propertyNodeSiteName
Node site name.
Public propertyNodeTemplateForAllCultures
If true, the document uses the same template (NodeTemplateID) for all culture versions
Public propertyOriginalNodeSiteID
Original node site ID. Returns NodeSiteID for standard document, LinkedNodeSiteID for linked document.
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