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TreeNode Fields

The TreeNode type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldisInDocumentHelper
If true, the document is currently in the document helper and should call normal methods.
Protected fieldmClassName
Node class name.
Protected fieldmDataClass
Data class with the SiteInfo data.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Protected fieldmDocumentContent
Document editable content.
Protected fieldmDocumentCustomData
Document custom data.
Protected fieldmGroupedAttachments
Grouped attachments.
Protected fieldmNodeCustomData
Node custom data.
Protected fieldmParent
Parent document.
Protected fieldmStatus
Status of the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Protected fieldmTreeProvider
Tree provider object to use for the database access.
Protected fieldmVersionManager
Manager for version actions.
Protected fieldStatic membermWildcardRegex
Contains compiled regular expression for wildcard macro.
Protected fieldmWorkflowManager
Manager for workflow actions.
Protected fieldmWorkflowStep
Document workflow step
Protected fieldmWorkflowStepTimeout
Document workflow step timeout
Public fieldStatic memberOBJECT_TYPE
Object type
Public fieldStatic memberTYPEINFO
Type information
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