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TreeSiteMapProvider Fields

The TreeSiteMapProvider type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldmAlternativePath
Alternative path.
Protected fieldmBindNodeData
Bind the node data to the nodes.
Protected fieldmClassNames
Class names.
Protected fieldmCombineWithDefaultCulture
Combine with default culture.
Protected fieldmCultureCode
Culture code.
Protected fieldmCheckPermissions
Indicates if the permissions should be checked.
Protected fieldmMaxRelativeLevel
Maximum relative level.
Protected fieldmMaxTreeNodes
Maximum number of the nodes in a level.
Protected fieldmOrderBy
Order by.
Protected fieldmPath
Protected fieldmRootNodeLevel
Root node level.
Protected fieldmSelectOnlyPublished
Select only published.
Protected fieldmSelectPublishedData
Select the published data.
Protected fieldmSiteName
Site name.
Protected fieldmTreeProvider
Tree provider.
Protected fieldmUsedPath
Used path.
Protected fieldmWhereCondition
Where condition.
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