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SynchronizationHelper Class
Class providing management for the synchronization.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Synchronization
Assembly: CMS.Synchronization (in CMS.Synchronization.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public static class SynchronizationHelper

The SynchronizationHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAddExcludedSettingKey
Adds given setting key to the excluded keys. For excluded keys synchronization tasks are not logged.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureObjectVersion
Ensure object version if not existing.
Public methodStatic memberGetExcludedSettingKeys
Returns set of excluded setting key names. Can return null if there are no excluded keys.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectBinaryXml
Gets binary XML data for given object.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectData
Gets the object data for synchronization.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectKey
Gets object key for specified task type.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectsData
Gets the DataSet of the objects data and their child objects.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectWhereCondition
Gets the where condition for specified type of object.
Public methodStatic memberGetObjectXml
Gets XML with data for specified object.
Public methodStatic memberChangeSiteBindingObject
Changes site binding object to the parent object.
Public methodStatic memberCheckCreateVersion
Indicates if the object version should be created.
Public methodStatic memberCheckIntegrationLogging
Indicates if the integration task should be logged.
Public methodStatic memberCheckStagingLogging
Indicates if the staging task should be logged.
Public methodStatic memberIsCheckedOutByOtherUser
Returns true if the object is checked out by other user than a current user (and use checkin/out is used).
Public methodStatic memberIsSettingKeyExcluded
Determines whether the given setting key is excluded from synchronization.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectDelete
Logs the object deletion.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectChange(LogObjectChangeSettings)
Logs object change for different type of synchronization.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectChange(BaseInfo, TaskTypeEnum)
Logs object change.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectChange(BaseInfo, TaskTypeEnum, Boolean)
Logs object change.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectChange(String, Int32, DateTime, TaskTypeEnum, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Int32, Int32)
Logs the synchronization for specified group of objects.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectInsert
Logs the object insert.
Public methodStatic memberLogObjectUpdate
Logs the object update.
Public methodStatic memberRemoveExcludedSettingKey
Removes given setting key from the excluded keys. For excluded keys synchronization tasks are not logged.
Public methodStatic memberRemoveObjectVersions
Destroy object and child object versions
Public methodStatic memberTouchParent
Touch the parent.
Public methodStatic memberTouchParentDelete
Touch the parent when deleting an object.
Public methodStatic memberTouchParentInsert
Touch the parent when inserting an object.
Public methodStatic memberTouchParentUpdate
Touch the parent when updating an object.
Public propertyStatic memberUseCheckinCheckout
Indicates whether object locking is enabled within the system.
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