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EntityAttributeValueType Enumeration
Specifies the type of the SalesForce entity attribute value.

Namespace: CMS.SalesForce
Assembly: CMS.SalesForce (in CMS.SalesForce.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum EntityAttributeValueType
  Member nameValueDescription
String0 String
Picklist1 Picklist
MultiPicklist2 Picklist with multiple selection
Combobox3 Combobox
Reference4 Reference to other entity
Base645 Binary data
Boolean6 Boolean
Currency7 Currency
Textarea8 Textarea
Integer9 Integer
Double10 Double
Percent11 Percent
PhoneNumber12 Phone number
Id13 Unique identifier
Date14 Date
DateTime15 Date and time
Time16 Time
Url17 URL
EmailAddress18 Email address
EncryptedString19 Encrypted string
DataCategoryGroupReference20 Reference to a data category group
Any21 Any
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