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SystemHelper Class
System operations.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Helpers
Assembly: CMS.Helpers (in CMS.Helpers.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public static class SystemHelper

The SystemHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberClear
Clears static properties (initializes fields of properties).
Public methodStatic memberFormatApplicationIdentifier
Formats the application identifier retrieved from the configuration file.
Public methodStatic memberFormatApplicationName
Formats the application name retrieved from the configuration file.
Public methodStatic memberGetApplicationPoolName
Gets the application pool name.
Public methodStatic memberGetPeakWorkingSetSize
Gets the peak working set size.
Public methodStatic memberGetVirtualMemorySize
Gets the virtual memory size.
Public methodStatic memberGetWinAppName Obsolete.
Returns prefix for all Kentico WinApps.
Public methodStatic memberGetWorkingSetSize
Gets the working set size.
Public methodStatic memberRestartApplication
Tries to restart application and returns if restart was successful.
Public methodStatic memberSetApplicationGuid
Sets the application GUID
Public methodStatic memberSetApplicationName
Sets the application name
Public fieldStatic memberAPP_GUID_KEY_NAME
Key name in the web.config for application GUID.
Public fieldStatic memberAPP_NAME_KEY_NAME
Key name in the web.config for application name
Public fieldStatic memberAPPLICATION_NAME_MAX_LENGTH
Maximum length of application name.
Public propertyStatic memberApplicationGuid
Gets application GUID.
Public propertyStatic memberApplicationIdentifier
Gets application identifier.
Public propertyStatic memberApplicationInstanceGUID
Application instance (current run) GUID.
Public propertyStatic memberApplicationName
Gets or sets application name.
Public propertyStatic memberRestartApplicationIfInitFails
Indicates if application restart should occur after application initialization fails.
Public propertyStatic memberSanitizeXML
Indicates if XML will be preprocessed by CMS.IO streams (removes illegal characters).
Public propertyStatic memberWinServicesForceUsage
Indicates if usage of win services should be forced.
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